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Recent posts by Rashmi Razdan

Yes I too have got same feeling abt Scheams, and i found this sytax quiet easy.. but doubt if i can handle everything what scheam is capable of??


Whats the database at the backend, soln depends on that as well; If oracle which version?

I think its possible to generate directly excel file in java from result set, so u can skip xml stage in that case.

Hi Balaji/anjali,

I have reqt of getting the o/p in intermediate stage as XML (which will be archived) and then convert the same as PDF file for clients.
Why I want xml as intermeditate is becos :

1.The resulting data of xml is based on a lot of calculations, so i want intermediate stage for any manual corrections required.Also i want archiving of these xml files .
2. The resulting o/p from xml (using XSLT ), can vary in differnt formats , pie chart, excel , pdf etc.. as the need arises.
3.The read-only o/p (e.g pdf) represented can be sub-part of the xml or combination of 2 to 3 xml files generated as one report.

Now i want to know ,
-Q1 how is the xml generation performance(time taken) from Oracle (8i/9i/10g), the report can be 10- 60 pages long and of complex nature.
-Q2 why im specifying all 3 versions is becos if I have to build the diff o/p combinations, and xml is the only soln, then i can ask client to go for specific version (for a given performance reqt).

-Q3 How feasible is the PDF generation from this xml in terms of
- tools required
- time taken
- coding effort

-Will direct PDF generation from the database be beter soln in any other way.

Peformance is of utmost importance as we need to generate 5000 reports in 3hrs.

No JSPs should come in the class dig. ; its technology independent.
I didn't put any , and scored 39 marks in class dig.
Hi Angus,

Sorry to hear about ur results.
I recently passed the part2/3 with 75%.I got score as expected, becos i didn't provide much of the assumptions and had hardly time to explain my digs.I had even spelling mistakes but still managed to pass, narrow escape.
I was confident only abt my class dig.

Class Dig : 39
Comp Dig : 24
Sequence dig : 12

My class and and sequence digs seem to be correct, then what went wrong in the Comp Dig i can't figure out ( I guess i didnt fulfil the connectivity to FFMS properly ).Im surprised to see full marks in seq digs as they are based on the comp digs.
If anybody has any clue pls explain.
Hi dilshad,

Sorry i dont have reply to your query ; but have a query for you.
Would you please give me some info or point to some links which would provide the details of
1) how to retreive the data from Oracle as XML
2) and how to store/archive these xml data files
3) will the mechanissm for 1) be same in oracle8i /9i/10g

Im just starting with this analysis of XML as data resource or sub lyaer, would appreaciate if anybody else could also contribute to their experiences wrt this.

Thanks in advance,
will all 3 sit in ur web-tier???

if u understand from application controller the one which receives the requests from web-tier and hands over to the specific appln server component.. then it shud be like
frnt controller--business deligate and then appln controller...

As busiensss deligate forms the connectivity layer between the two..

If I would be you, I would be happy with that much certifications (for time being may be 1yr or so).To let that much knowledge settle and use that in practical scinario.
And if my aim is to architect the designs, I would read abt Design patterns and see that when im implementing anything , can any of those design patterns be followed so that u get practical experience in that n know their pros and cons.

And once im satisfied,I would go for SCEA, as now all u will have to do is learn UML and thats not a big thing to do if u ahve right tool and book.

As a developer you would design/implement somebody elses architecture.
If you have acted as a developer(either thru certification/ in real proj life) it would be easy for you to understand him as an architect; also:
at what level(n how much) detail would be useful for developer to realise the project.
Without being a developer i think its hard to visualise the implementation problems and scinarios.
It can also help in developing REALISITIC and complete design level architecures.

Hope that give some idea.
In case it helps, as i havent got my results yet;I re-used the customer class.
I did deirectly SCEA , so it should be ok.
In case of declarative , i dont think we can show security related features.
U may put these things in documentation.
thats what i have done,(havent received yet results).
Hi ,

They have recieved the file!
thanks deepak for ur replies..


Received reply.. the file has been uploaded..

And i gotto enjoy this weekeend with no worries.. thanks for ur cooperation.

have a nice weekened