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Recent posts by Joe Hepp

What happens in your code if your highest or lowest values are entered more than once?

Enter 5,1,2,1,5 for example.

Something to think about.
7 years ago
Based on your script I would expect to see the line "No data file" in your logfile.

When using cron you need to remember that it "runs" in the home directory of the user whose cron it is running under.

As part of this you really should not use relative filepaths in your scripts.

The line

will be looking for the file dat.dat in the home directory of the user that has your script in it's crontab. The logfile will also be put into that directory.

We only put absolute filepaths in our scripts that run in cron so that they aren't tied to any specific user.

If your dat.dat file is in the user's home directory and you still aren't see anything other than "No data file" in your log file there may be a permission issue with your dat.dat file where the user running the script can't read it.
8 years ago
You may need to make sure your shell script includes the user profile it is running under.


before any other commands in your shell script.

This will setup your script's environment to be the same as the user it is running under.

You don't provide much information to work on however so this is just a guess.
8 years ago
Here is how we do the browsing method to get a count via JMS.

BTW, numOnQueue is defined outside this snippet of code.

It is wasteful but this is used in a batch retry situation so we aren't concerned with performance.

This functionality (the retry mechanism) used to be done via the base MQ Java API but we switched over to JMS as it handles property manipulation much better and we like the configuration simplification when using JMS. The queue depth issue was the only thing we found missing from the JMS API that was in the base MQ Java API.

Most of the companies now have BACKGROUND Check , where they call up the HR of the respective companies which you put in your resume and they talk to your seniors under whom you had worked.

The last company I worked for would only give out the dates of your employment with them if someone called to check on you. That was it. No salary info, no speaking with previous managers, nothing except start and end dates. Managers were also not allowed to give references or speak to other companies about current or past employees.

Why? It was probably a CYA move to prevent people from sueing them over bad recommendations and such.
13 years ago
Here is a page that explains how to get scripts to work in a Java app.

Runtime.exec page

This page will walk you through many of the problems people come across using Runtime.exec. It helped me with my problems.
13 years ago
I thought it was done because people were glad to be back home again.

My parents used to beep the car horn when we crossed back into the county we lived in when coming back home from a trip.
13 years ago
The Apple site contains a lot of downloadable programs in the OS X section.

They have it broken down by category and they can have anything from Freeware to Demos to Patches for various applications (from games to IDEs).

Make sure to check it out, you can find some nifty stuff in there.
13 years ago
I am glad to see the Big Ten doing well because of all the crap we have been hearing about how "down" the league is this year.

I am rooting for the Illini to win it all. Not because I am an Illini fan but because I am an alumni of the only team (so far) to beat the Illini this year.
13 years ago
I'm working on a project where we have some IBM consultants (in developer/architect roles) and one guy is over 60 years old and he's been with IBM for just over 40 years!

I've noticed that the smaller companies seem to prefer the younger people (for the long hours potential) while bigger companies seem more likely to go with older people. But that is only what I am seeing. I'm not sure if that is a general trend or not.

I'm 38 and have decided to stay on the "Tech Track". I was a C/UNIX programmer for 10 years, then a web developer (Java and some .NET) and now I'm more in the Java world but on the server side. My UNIX scripting experience came in very handy on my current project since they needed someone to write scripts to run things on an AIX box and I was the only one who had that experience. Just dumb luck on their part since they weren't interested in that when I interviewed. They have since found more uses for me.

13 years ago
The writer appeared to have no clue about Macs in general.

The Mac Mini is not designed for people who want to tinker with their machines. In fact other than the Power Mac machines, Macs are not very upgradable.

With a Mac Mini you get a very capable basic system that you can plug in an existing USB keyboard and mouse and any display you have around.

The whole bit about Office 2003 is either a joke or shows that the writer has absolutely no clue. MS released a version of Office for OS X in the last year or two. You can't use an existing Wintel CD to install it and no Mac "fanboy" would have told him that.

The Mac Mini also comes preloaded with all the needed software that most starters will need. You have Safari for browsing (why they still include IE on the box is beyond me - MS stopped supporting Mac IE years ago) and the new Apple word processor, Pages. Pages can import Word documents (at least until MS "improves" their file formats again) so that angle is handled.

Also, no Macs since the year 2000 (or so) have a floppy drive. Why do you need one? I bought an external USB floppy drive to transfer some data but it's been years since I used it. USB thumbdrives have more than replaced floppies.

And the biggest plus for the Mac Mini is that it runs a real, secure OS in OS X, out of the box. No racing to install all the latest patches in the hour or so you get before your new Wintel box gets clobbered with virii.

And besides, you get Java built in.

I can understand people not liking Macs but I'd like them to at least not like them for valid reasons.

[ February 08, 2005: Message edited by: Joe Hepp ]
13 years ago

Originally posted by Luis Felipe Bacca Arango:
public void startElement(String namespaceURI, String sName, String qName, Attribute attrs) throws SAXException{


Your last parameter to the method needs to be of type Attributes, not Attribute.

Here is a website about SAX I used when first dealing with SAX.


It's an old site but still has the basics.

[ February 07, 2005: Message edited by: Joe Hepp ]