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Recent posts by Keith Lynn

When trying to send an email message with javamail, I keep getting an error

unable to find valid certification path to requested target

I think it has something to do with trusted certificates. I am trying to send a message using gmail. Using the newer openjdk 17, is it possible to use javamail to send an email?
2 years ago
I'm developing an app on one machine, and successfully uploading it to bitbucket. When I go to another machine running Android Studio 3.0 also, I can download the project successfully, but when I try to run it, it complains that the Android SDK is not set. When I check the properties of the project using F4, it shows the correct location for the SDK. To get around it, I have to use the Browse button and find the SDK directory again even thought it's the same path I had. The only unusual thing there is that the AppData folder doesn't show in the tree so I have to type it in. Is there a way to rebuild something about the project so that I can run it without having to go and set the path to the same as it was?
6 years ago
In your loop, you are retrieving the value from each line and placing into a variable, but then you are replacing that value. So at the end of the loop, the variable only contains the last value from the table.
I'm not sure about the git message.

Can you double-check you have the correct URL for connecting to Oracle?
are you sure the connection is being established? It looks like conn may be null
indexOf tells you where the target is found in the String. If it returns -1, it means it wasn't found.
8 years ago

SaravanaKumar Venugopal wrote:Thanks for the prompt response Keith Lynn

Am sorry the code was like given below and it thrown UnsupportedOperationException and when I googled it has been said as when we convert to list by Arrays.asList() which will return fixed size of list and when we try to modify we will be getting UnsupportedOperationException. And there is no issue with the original post.

String s1 = "Value1,Value2,Value3,Value4";
List<String> lStr1 = Arrays.asList(s1.split(","));


In your original post, you were converting a list to a synchronized list. When you do that, you can add to it.

In this example, you are taking an array and treating it as a list.

But since it is still an actual array, you cannot add to it.
8 years ago
I tried your code, and it worked without a problem. (after fixing syntax errors)
8 years ago
It is not because a is static. It is because you can't place code like a=10 outside of a method or other block inside the class definition.
8 years ago
There shouldn't be a problem reading from the jar file. Here is an example

Then compile the code. Create a simple text file called test.txt.

Then create a simple text file named mainclass.txt with the following content

Then create the jar with the command

8 years ago
I just tried your exact code, and it read each line from a file I created to test.
8 years ago
I don't see where you override toString in your orderedLinkedList and unOrderedArrayList classes
8 years ago
Personally I use Genymotion.!/download They have a freemium version for non-professional uses
8 years ago
You don't include the .class file in the CLASSPATH. Just include the directory it's in.
8 years ago
You can simple include the directory containing the .class file in the CLASSPATH
8 years ago