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Thanks Sanjay pts ,
Lavjeet Khanuja ,
viswanath sigamala ,
Tong Chen

and all the best for u r next destination.......
Hi All,
It was a long plan to have this certificate..But struggling to get the quality time for study...As we used to get during the the days of school/college...
Juggling between the office/busy schedule/family /rest time/entertainment/exerscise....read once the hanumanth deshamukh 1.3 study kit in dec,2004.Its a superb book but the objective is not covering for 1.4 version.
.Read once HFS book in 2005 jan.Found the new topics bit tough to memorize..The details for the listeners and custom tags..its BRILLIANT...
The chart gives easy to memorize all the listeners/tag methods ...

Preapred seriously since a month ..about 3-4 hrs of time..Bought the Jweb+ test engine to check the understanding
and preparedness/confidence for the main exam...
Except the 1st test cleared all other 6 tests in the first attempt .getting the avg score of about 70...Questions quality and explaination are really good.

Took HFS final mock exam on a day before the actual exam got 61%..just falied:-)....AFter revision got 98%..(since all the answer were known after the first take...) .. Atlast the final day came ..

Received 70 questions...Dont know why ..i supposed to get 69!!!..Does any body knows ,why??IS the 15 survey questions/reply answers before the exam has any impact on the main exam questions?

But the marks report shows the score for 69 questions only....Didnt understand this logic....!!!

received 4-5 questins which i havent read..Those qns may be from specs....
Didnt get the time to go thru the specs since the exam objectives and coverage it self is too BIG...Trusted on HFS book -850 pages content only....kathy and team,Thanks a lot for the one stop study book..The questions in this book are just similar to the type of questions appear in the main exam..Its one point access TUTORIAL FOR THE MAIN EXAM...

Thanks for this wonderful site for sharing the info for the Certification study and its knowledge seekers...

I am studying for the SCWCD exam since a month.

Can the ppl who have cleared SCWCD 1.4 version exam suggest on the following!
For practise exams the free resource is j2eecertificate.com has the coverage of the old 1.3 version.

For 1.4 ver EL,JSTL,Custom tags -Simple tags and Tag files are the new addition.
Where can i find the mock test questions to strengthen the concept/validate the understanding on these topics?
Around how many questions collectively may appear in the exam on these topics?

Which commercial testing tool will give best practice?

Certgear/whizlab??ANy recommendations...