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Recent posts by Ravish Narayanan

Hi Nick,

Yeah, I was not awrae of the policy. Sorry for that and thanks for removing the info related to exam, thanks

HI all,
This is my first post.After seeing all you had given valuable comments, I couldnot stop myself writing.

(deleted actual exam info)

Remember - you cant get certitied in this exam, just by studying one month of any Java Book. You need to be practical. There were so many questions to complete a class, by dragging lines of code, which were given unordered.In Generics, there were questions about wild card usage, especially "? extends" notation and "? super" notation. I think I might get very less for threading questions - too hard and a play with ExecuterService, Lock class etc. There were questions on creating PriorityQueue with your own Comparable. There were questions for completing import statements, given a directory diagram of some classes.(deleted actual exam info info)
There were questions on how you use java -classpath option. Many on type casting.
Well, I learned the "Java 1.5 Tiger - A Developer Notebook" by Flanagan (Oreilly).

Hence please start writing code, I learned each concept by writing code and experimenting the output.That should be the way to prepare for TIGER.
Well, hoping for the best to hear the good news from Sun within 8-10 weeks. At the end of the exam, they will say "Results will be mailed to you".

And that is it. Please write to me at ravishankar.nair@gmail.com for some sample code I had written for illustrating concepts of Generics, Enum etc. May be useful, and all the best.

I will let all you know if I get Tiger Cert.

Best regards,

(Posting parts of the exam is in violation of the agreement you made with Sun on taking the beta examination!)
[ February 13, 2005: Message edited by: Barry Gaunt ]