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Recent posts by john wesley

Originally posted by Dave Lenton:
This implies that an atheist would not do altruistic actions, which is demonstrably not true.

NO, I am trying to tell how religion has contributed towards our well being, I am trying to tell that if a nation or the entire world starts to apply Darwinian principals as a whole then what a cruel world it could be (comparing to the atrocities done in the name of religion). If pious thoughts could have be exploited so much then consider what �nothing� and �nowhere� kind of thoughts could have done to us.
[ May 24, 2007: Message edited by: john wesley ]
17 years ago

Originally posted by Paul Sturrock:

I think otherwise, given the huge amount of atrocities committed in the name of religion over the millennia. Not an argument against a god per say, but certainly a reason to be suspicious of religion.

Well, true, but we all know why that happened � it was not as if religion was founded primarily for killing �no, the purpose of most religions is quite the opposite, it gave us morality and idealism, religion was twisted for personal gains. Now consider this� a religions which puts �personal gains� as the purpose of life for its followers, a religion that say �survival� and �reproduction� is what this life is all about, then imagine what a havoc it can cause �you don�t need to twist this religion for personal gains �it is for personal gains from the day one. Why do we send millions in aid to Africa ? why cant we just say �O! they are not the fittest for survival !!� wouldn�t that be scientific ? so why do we behave in such an un scientific way ? because we are not animals ! we are humans ! and we all understand that we are something extra than animals, something special �. Every human is special (don�t you think you are special � even if you�re the biggest loner in the world) and we are certainly not here for no reason.
17 years ago
Have you wondered why this god is so universal in all cultures/tribes thru out history? I think we are better of with religion than with atheism, because it gives a purpose to life where as for atheist the purpose (as told by Darwin) is to �survive and reproduce� consider if today the entire humanity starts to believe in this purpose of life. Pretty scary!
17 years ago

Originally posted by Devesh H Rao:

A (Knowledge) = Science
A�(Things that are unknown) = God

so god is Knowledge ? a distant star that was not know ...this piece of info was god until it reached us?
17 years ago
I am 28 and I would like to be fit and work till the last day (with my weekends ofcourse) and then just switch off like a bulb. At this point I just wonder what else is there to life if it were not for work?
search for �true meaning of life�, which you probably will never find !
17 years ago
what are you going to do with it ? just play around ? if so then Google sketch up works very good
17 years ago

Originally posted by Varun Khanna:
I have Inspiron 5160 and it's just amazing. In winter it really helps in keeping room warm. Use it for 2-3 hrs you can iron 3-4 shirts using laptop's base. That's indeed a multiple purpose laptop.

Just check this problem out in reviews etc. there is one particular forum .. or something where you would get good reviews over the products.

[ November 18, 2006: Message edited by: Varun Khanna ]

yeah! true, I have one of those dell irons , but the new pearl white inspiron are fresh designs .. just hoping that dell may have fixed the problem.
17 years ago
Dave thanks for the info, 9300 and 6400 have similar type of design ...does it feel sturdy ?

Jeroen, right now DELL is offering free shipping and their is a sale going on the Toshiba website too ...thats why I am in a hurry to buy and I like to work on higher resolution since it leaves more space for the code editors.

Anyways, Thanks very much.
[ November 18, 2006: Message edited by: john wesley ]
17 years ago
HI everyone,
I am planning to buy a mid range laptop and can�t make a choice between DELL inspiron 6400 and Toshiba Satellite A100. I am in a fix, please help.
I intent to use it as a desktop replacement, so battery life is not a issue, however, heat and fan noise is something I hate.
does any one of you has inspiron 6400?, have you worked on it for 3hr or more ? do it heat like the pervious inspirons (8100 was a frying pan) ?

Pros for DELL: cheap, gives me SXGA screen (1680 x 1050)
Cons for DELL: reviews tell it has the same old dell over heating and noisy fan problem.

Pros for Toshiba: reviews tell its sturdy, no heat or fan noise problem.
Cons for Toshiba: for the same price I get a lower screen resolution (1280 x 800)

DELL inspiron 6400
price: $937

Intel� Core� Duo T2050 (1.60GHz, 2MB L2 Cache, 533MHz FSB)
Genuine Windows� XP Professional
15.4 inch UltraSharp� Wide Screen SXGA+ Display with TrueLife�
1GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHz, 2 Dimm
120GB 5400rpm SATA Hard Drive
8X CD/DVD Burner (DVD+/-RW) with double-layer DVD+R write capability
128MB ATI MOBILITY� RADEON� X1300 HyperMemory�
Dell Wireless 1390 802.11b/g Mini Card (54Mbps)
Dell Wireless 355 Bluetooth Internal (2.0 + Enhanced Data Rate)
53 WHr 6-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery

Toshiba Satellite A100/A105
price: $971

Intel� Core� Duo Processor T2050 (1.60GHz, 2MB L2 Cache, 533MHz FSB)
Genuine Windows� XP Professional
1GB PC4200 DDR2 533MHz SDRAM (512MBx2)
15.4" Diagonal Widescreen XGA TruBrite� display (1280x800)
nVIDIA� GeForce� Go 7300 with 128MB DDR discrete graphics memory
60GB HDD (5400rpm, Serial-ATA)
DVD SuperMulti drive (+/-R Double Layer)
Intel� PRO/Wireless LAN 3945ABG (802.11a/b/g)
Bluetooth� (v.2.0) + EDR
6-cell Li-Ion Battery

17 years ago
Rebellion: I actually get stubborn sometimes but I don�t really enjoy that, things start getting personal then � it becomes a sort of ego battle. and HIS boss has even less understanding of Java ... he probably thinks that java = c++ + String class

Prove your solution: this is the biggest problem, can you prove anyone that its wrong to call a business logic (which is usually called by an ejb) right from the controller servlet � I think the benefits of good design are not that tangible, how do you prove that its wrong to create an instance of a concrete sub class in its very own super calls (by the way am I wrong with this one?)

Performance: if someone uses arrays all the time in the code since it�s less costly than a collection then you need a pole to bang your head!! That sort of performance is what I am talking about. annoying c++ hacks, annoying c++ namings get_Long(), get_My_Name()

Iv been working with him all these days because i thought I was getting much more serious work than someone with my experience would get, just my perception. And yes, quitting or moving to other team is an option � I am considering it.
[ November 05, 2006: Message edited by: john wesley ]
17 years ago
Well, I have been working with an IT giant since about three years and almost all that duration I have worked with my current boss. Our company has a sort of written constitution of code of conduct and ethics to create a productive and respectful work environment, however there are several awkward situations were there is a kind of standoff between me and my boss on technical issues and I just don�t know how to solve these differences.

Like, I think my boss is basically a c++ guy and has very little respect for things like design patters, he probably thinks its unnecessary bureaucracy � I think he gives excessive importance to performance, mostly performance is his excuse for breaking all good design rules�and things like that. I was just wondering if any one of you guys has had this kind problem and how they went about solving it or if any company has a proper process for solving these kinds of issues.

That�s about it, Thanks.
17 years ago
Interesting, I was just wondering how useful a J2EE + dotNET skill set would be, other than the migration projects does it have any scope? and by the way migration of a dotNET web app to J2EE seems odd to me, I thought thing are going the other way around.

however, Yasmin I think you should grab the opportunity by both hands, learning dotNET after J2EE is very insightful and fun.
[ October 31, 2006: Message edited by: john wesley ]
17 years ago

Originally posted by Satish Chilukuri:

It is this kind of credulity that fake swamijis and conmen take advantage of. I'm not saying that it was faked. But there seems to be a natural explantion for the phenomenon. I have seen the video in the link Chetan has given and its quite clear that most of time the spoon was tilted and milk was flowing away along the body of the idol.

No yaar, It is indeed a miracle; capillarity is a miracle, gravity is a miracle, everything about relativity is a miracle. Gods must be crazy for doing these miracles so often !!
17 years ago

Originally posted by Pradip Bhat:

why are some people interested to know others age.

Well, I was just wondering who this sagacious person is, and since how long he has been spreading his enlightenment. You know, it so startling to know that Fanaa is a conspiracy, probably part of a bigger global domination conspiracy, hatched somewhere in the mountains of tora-bora. I think it�s high time for India to adopt �one country, one party, one thought or else� policy, it would be a permanent solution for the dissent itch.
18 years ago

Originally posted by Chetan Parekh:
Well it was a publicity stunt � someone from the team of Fanaa is behind it.

If some peoples are coming to Mumbai specially to watch movie, how media came to know?

They all were wearing t-shirt with the poster of Fanaa � this is not possible without producer of film behind it. Will any company ready to print poster of a film on t-shirts without the permission of producer? Will any company ready to print only 5 t-shirts?

[ May 29, 2006: Message edited by: Chetan Parekh ]

i think we can print 1 t-shirt if we want. by the way how old are you Chetan ??
18 years ago