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ramaseshan T

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Recent posts by ramaseshan T

I am working on a large database with multiple relations existing between entities. One set of relations is as shown below

Area (Many to One) ----->MarketMaster (Many to One) -----> Market
(Many to One) --> MarketCluster(Many to One) --->Region

Similarly Area table has lot of relation with many other tables.

My doubts

1. To cater to the fields, operators and values selected by UI, i shd dynamically generate queries. But criteria queries fetch objects as a whole and not individual fields. ("Projections" can be used to select fields, but for choosing Area.MarketMaster.Market.Marketcluster.Region, Can projections be used?

2. Given the scenario of large db and catering to dynamic queries, is it better to use Criteria queries or HQL? How to fetch specific field values using Criteria API..

Please suggest..
I am also having the same doubt..I reproduced this stuff and it is not printing the servlet init parameter for me too. But gives the config init parameter..
I didn't go through the full thread..One mistake what I did was: Double clicking the form.html without typing the URL direcly on the webbrowser:

It didn't workout..I was banging my head for nearly an hour
Kapil & Subramanian,

Thanks for your help!!
Dear Kapil,

Could you please send the PPT's to me too? ( am preparing for SCWCD. Thanks for all ur help..
HFSJ Pg:215, Ans for question:2

Which statements about ServletContextinitialization parameters are true?

"They Should be used for data that changes frequently"
This answer is given as incorrect with the reason

ServletContext init parameters are only read at container start-up time

For the ServletContextListener example given in chapter:5, I am able to change the param-value for breed and see it getting reflected in my webpage.(Without redeploying tomcat)

Please clarify:
1. Are the context-init parameters NOT read only once by the container?How come the changes made by me are reflected?
2. The answer for this question should be "They should be used for data that changes frequently"
But Does GET request have a pay-load/body? Its stated in HFS (Page:125) that GET request doesn't have a body..

Pls clarify..
Thats awesome!!! congratulations!!!
14 years ago
Ramya, Congratulations!!! What next??
14 years ago
Refer to this thread. This has been discussed in detail

Variables Initialization
Adding one more item to the list.

If you call the run method directly with out calling 'start' method, thread is not created and it calls the 'run' function defined. No exceptions are thrown.
"mbtt" as it is holding the subclass object.
SCJP will resemble more like K&B...but you need not worry as we learn by doing mistakes. Try to identify the weak areas and work on it..
I didn't see any deprecated methods in the choices and there was no questions on that. But you might get question on what are the deprecated methods in Java 1.4?

SCJP 1.4