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Recent posts by seetarama raju

can anybody tell me the best way to generate a dynamic html table
to populate database select query result on the fly in a jsp page.
Iam working in a oracle jdeveloper environment

Thans in advance
16 years ago
let me explain the problem once again. I have j2sdk1.4.2_08 in root c drive.
I've eclipse installed under program files/eclipse. But stll when i run eclipse it throws an error. When i check the log file it has java version
1.3.1 mentioned, along with a bunch of exceptions. what would be the problem. How come eclipse takes jdk 1.3 when there is nothing of that sort in the system. How do i make eclipse recognise jdk 1.4 which is on my system
I've downloaded exlipse. When i start it, it give an error ,and directs to a log file. I guess this is due to jdk version. Can anybody let me
know where can i set java_home to jdk 1.4/ I mean which exact file is it

Thanks in Advance
Seetarama Raju
I was going through the concept of rule based development, using ilog jrules
tool. Can anybody tell me what exactly needs to be done to convert a rule into a java object. I was not able to connect the dots properly, as the documentation is not clear enough, and also there isn't any sample code

Thanks in Advance
Iam trying to learn basic concept of applying business rules in a java application, using ilog jrules. Can anybod give me a link where i can see
a sample application doing this.

Thanks in advance
I've a question about production deployment and architecture about weblogic server, and the web server pluggin. If weblogic is on a solaris box, then is it better to have the web server(which is used as a pluggin to serve static pages) on a separate linux box or to be on the same solaris box which has weblogic on it. I mean i would like to know the correct set up
of weblogic, and webserver in a production environment. Also can somebody give me a link for the documentation on installation and deployments with weblogic and web server(apache or iplanet) on unix.

Thanks in Advance
16 years ago
I have a questin about body tag. Is it possible to run
doinitbody and doafterbody in a loop, to traverse through
the collection attribute of the tag. In the body it has
a nested tag, which also need to run in a loop, which anyway
will be taken care by doafterbody.

Seetarama Raju
17 years ago
Is there anybody out there using allbase database.
If so please let me know what could be a better isql
gui based tool to query from the client, for testing.

Can anybody tell me, if there is anything wrong in doing
like below
try { conn ---
st1 = conn.preparedstatement();
st2 = conn.preparedstatement();
st2.executeupdate(); }
catch() { }
finally { st1.close(); st2.close(); conn.close(); }
I mean to have two updates on same connection, and closing them in the end
I've a scenario where i've to pass same resultset
to two methods. Iam thinking of following two options
1) once the first one is done, call beforefirst
on resultset, so that it can start all over again
2)close the statement,and create a new statement
and execute query again and use the fresh resultset
Please let me know which has less performance
when call setString on a prepared statement,
or for that matter any set method, does it set
nulls also, if the content need to be set is a null.
Or is it required to use setNull.
I've a requirement, where i need to proceed only
if the resultset contains more than one record, otherwise not.
Please let me know what should i do to know about this.
I heard that getfetchsize() cannot do this.
Thanks in Advance
recently i got my feedback on SCEA part II.i've failed in this. i got a very less score on class diagram. the other two diagrams are ok.can anybody tell me a better approach fo the class diagram. actually i got a less number of classes in the diagram . could it be a reason. also my assumptions document is small. please give your view on this
Could you please hava a look at my above two mails and let me know about something. i think if i could find something for this, my application will be all set.Meanwhile iam trying diff ways fo this. i will let you know if i find any solution.
thanks in advance
19 years ago
iam sorry. actually in the previous mail i mean to say it was not writing into any of the streams.
share with me if u have any idea.
or is it ok, if i always rely on exitvalue only
for a success condition, instead of looking for an
19 years ago