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Recent posts by Emad El-Agouz

Hello All, Passing the SCEA 5 Part 1 exam leads me to the next step.
Which is getting to download the assignment material, which I do not know how 2 do.
So here is my question, what exactly should I do to get the assignment? should I but a SUN voucher first ? if true then where should I download the assignment from?

Also a question about part 3, should I take part 3 exam after submitting the assignment in order to know the result? in other words the result of part 2 willl not be announced until I pass part 3 exam ?
fail both or pass both?!

Thank you in advance
Hello Bharath,
UML 2nd edition will do good as the exam is based on UML 1.4 not UML 2..

re asking my question:
634-what should I do know?
I studied the Rational CDT courses stated in the exam resources (ibm site)
I need some mock exams or so!!!
I Have passed the 633 exam with score 89% it is all in the UML Distilled book if you studied it well do not hesitate to enter the exam..

Now is the problem what should I do for 634?
There are some common areas between the two but what about the different topics where could I find a good resource.
Pleas any one help
Hi there
I passed the 399 exam.
Does is worth the time & effort to target the 829 exam.
and how are they different?
13 years ago
I'm preparing for this exam.
I asked my colleague that passed this exam they all pointed me the well know UML distilled book version 3.
There are also some Q&A on UML that may help you

Objects by design

you will find the links at the end of the page

Please tell me if you find anything else
Hello There,
I recommend the following Red Book

"IBM Rational Application Developer V6 Portlet Application Development and Portal Tools"

and skip all the chapters that addresses IBM portal Apis and they are quite many

Good luck and have a nice day
13 years ago
Hello All,
Please i need to know which book(s) is the best in the field that addresses the SCEA Part 2 exam...

There is 2 book I heared of so far:
1. Enterprise Java with UML, 2nd Edition
2. Developing Enterprise Java Applications with J2EE and UML

Did any one read any of thoses???

I need oponions what to read

Hello All,
I've just passed the part1 exam yesterday
I have a question do I have to take the second part within certain time limit??
Coz I waz thinkin to postpone it a little as there are other issue to handle...
So should I purchase the second part now ???!!!

Another question please any details for the second part will be helpful..
What is the input and what is the expected output (Deliverable)?
How complicated??

Any help will do....
I have no such experience in project design and architecture, I am taking this certificate as a learning path for me !!

Please advice
Hello all,
I passed the SCEA - part 1 exam yesterday with a score 89%
It was the toughest one for me....
Thnx to this forum
14 years ago
14 years ago
U can,
Revise the sun certification page you will find all details required...
I have passed the SCBCD exam with score 87%

Hep hep horay )
15 years ago
It can be done after all !!!

15 years ago

What is next now ??!!
15 years ago
I think SCWCD is much easier that SCJP..
I took the SCWCD exam with no experience ever and scored 79% I think also that SCBCD wiil be harder than both...
I do not know :roll: