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i am using a custom 404 error page in tomcat and it works pretty fine. But what if i want to provide the same informations as tomcat does in default mode like these:

type: Status report
message: /jsp/clientmanager2/ClientDisplay.jsp
description: The requested resource (/jsp/clientmanager2/ClientDisplay.jsp)
is not available.

Of course i would like to see the same informations in my custom 404.jsp, but i dont know where to get them.

I allready tried ${pageContext.request.reqestURI} and stuff, but this points to the error jsp itself and not to the original failed JSP request, here ClientDisplay.jsp.

Thanks for infos on that.
15 years ago
I am actually running the combination you are evaluating (Spring+Struts+Kodo) and so far everything runs pretty well. With some help of Matts Book and the KodoJDO Spring Example application, i was able to get a first running CRUD app within two days.

So i can recommend this combination. But i am also quite new to Spring and i am definitely not a Spring Pro at this very moment.