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So, in that case, I guess if I made my game using this library it'll be a system-dependant (Windows) application. Isn't it?

Nope it should be platform independent but the OpenGL mode in there is indeed for windows only because of the LWJGL for linux and mac os is not distributed in there.
Actually I'm not the developer of that game, I'm the developer of game engine that made that game.
That game is created using Golden T Game Engine (GTGE) I made, GTGE by default is using Java2D (this is platform independent) and can easily port to OpenGL via LWJGL or JOGL by changing only a few lines.
LWJGL is supported on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS so it can be said platform independent, but in that game the LWJGL distribution for Linux and Mac OS is not packed, so at the moment the game only can be played on Windows.

The prove that it's platform independent, just try out the applet in Linux and Mac OS.
Or you could see other OpenGL game in my site that distribute all necessary package for other OS
(but unfortunately the site where the games are hosted on is down right now):
16 years ago
Please try this game, all the graphics is own made (original):
Play in applet -
Download the Game ZIP (OpenGL LWJGL Mode) -

Feedback is greatly appreciated......

Thanks for trying
16 years ago
Nope, I never made game for mobile devices.

Any comments for the game?
16 years ago
Hello, please try this game:
Require Java 1.5


Game made with my game engine, GTGE - a Java2D/OpenGL game engine.

Anyone can complete all the levels?
It's quite hard, I myself haven't complete it.

Comments, suggestions, bugs report are welcomed.....
16 years ago
- What wrapper API are you using? (Xith, jME, JOGL, LWJGL, etc)

I use LWJGL and JOGL for my 2D game engine.

- If your game has an ingame gui system, what api are you using for it? I'm not talking about Swing for buttons and what not. I am talking about in game menus, buttons, etc.

I use my own GUI, GTGE GUI, you can take a look at
It's component designed for gaming, I haven't update it recently, but I tried it with my game engine and it's working just fine with both LWJGL and JOGL.
Basically it's only a sprite in game that looks like a component, so it's depend only by the graphics engine to render the image (component), not related with swing/awt/etc, only need graphics engine to draw the component and input engine to take input.

You could try it out if you like, and tell me what you think later if you decide to try it.

Anyway it's only for 2D game, and this is my game engine

The game engine name is Golden T Game Engine (GTGE)
16 years ago
Huh? The OpenGL mode is slower? Which one? JOGL or LWJGL?
JOGL has stability issue in ATI card, that is bugs on JOGL side, not my engine
The LWJGL should works great, no one ever have problem with it
Or perhaps your gfx card not support OpenGL.
Anyway which game that the OpenGL perform poor? RPG or Platformer?
16 years ago
I have made a Java Game Engine for awhile, and the status now is quite stable.
If anyone here want to make game with ease and supporting for OpenGL (both LWJGL and JOGL supported), could take a look at my game engine :
Golden T Game Engine (GTGE)

Main features :
- support OpenGL as the render target, both LWJGL and JOGL supported!
- working flawlessly with Java 1.5
- default fps is changed to 100 fps
- enhanced sprite class
- more stable game loading
- changed how to load applet game
- fixed bugs in pixel perfect collision

Some demo game by GTGE that support OpenGL :

Game list :

Tell me what you think
I'm focusing on the ease of use, I'm designing the game engine as simple as possible.
I hope I got some review about this game engine in here. Thanks!
16 years ago