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Recent posts by Jesus Angeles

The 1z0-051 is required if you need to get the related pl/sql certifications  (11g).

There is still a huge number of global institutions using 11g.  This is probably one of the reasons why some people are still focused on getting 11g certifications.

But if you havent started studying for 11g, I also agree that you should focus on 12g 1z0-071 instead.
This was an old post, but just in case someone needs to ask the same question, there is a free practice test, using promo code JAVARANCHFREE at:

I am looking the exam/exams, which has available study guides  (e.g. books targetted at the cert), and mock exams.

I can do either Oracle 11 or 12.

Which exam/exams do you know has sufficient book/study guide, AND mock exam, out there?

Oracle Database SQL 1Z0-071
Oracle Database 11g: Advanced PL/SQL 1Z0-146
Oracle Database 12c: Advanced PL/SQL 1Z0-148

I researched by it seems the exam for Oracle 12 has lack of supporting books/mock exams out there. 

This is what I found so far:

transcender has
   practice test
      1Z0-071 - Oracle Database SQL (OCA) Practice Exam
      1Z0-146 - Oracle Database 11g: Advanced PL/SQL (OCP) has
   study guide
      Study Guide for 1Z0-071: Oracle Database 12c SQL (kindle)
   practice test
      1Z0-146: Oracle Database 11g: Advanced PL/SQL
In addition to what has been mentioned already, have you considered mobile applications, front-end applications on the browser  (like those using angularjs), etc.?
1 year ago

'2-way' means (synchronous, like calling a method, or remote procedure call).
I send a message to queue 1, and in few seconds (10 second limit), I must receive a reply to the message at queue 2 (sent by another service as reply to my message).

Because the 'send' part must be committed (transaction), so that message will be sent and receiver can retrieve the message, then there is no need to put it in a transaction. Is this correct?

In the 'receive' part, if and only if my business requirement never needs me to put back a message into the queue (e.g. failed processing), then I do not need to put it in a transaction. Is this correct?

Because in my business requirement, the 'receive' does not need to put back the message in any scenario, then I dont need to put neither the 'send' nor the 'receive' in a transaction. Any comment, e.g. if this is bad?
Dear Griffiths, thanks for making a Head First book on this topic!
2 years ago
Win or not, I am buying a copy of this book. I am a fan of the Head First Series. Please make one, if there not one yet, for iOS.
2 years ago
It should be:

2 years ago
This illustration is a general one. It does not say that it involves the root context.

Maybe you can ignore this illustration for now, or take it as a very general illustration.

I opened a task in Spring io jira to clarify with Spring. They might improve this on the 4.2 release.
2 years ago
Hi Amritendu, Which tools would you suggest?

e.g. Spring's STS?, etc.

Also, what is 'data modelling'? Is this the design of the data of the system?

Bear Bibeault wrote:It amazes me that no one has created a Windows clone of the Mac's Time Machine backup system. No user intervention after setup, and seamless. It's saved my butt on more occasions than I'd care to recall.

Is there something about Windows (no, I'm not begging the question) that prevents this approach? Or has it already been done but no one knows about it?

I also want to move to mac or unix, but we use windows at work, and my mind kind of is used to the windows ui and intuition thing.

I want to do so because, some java packages can be very long. Windows simply cannot handle it. It complains when copying it. And sometimes ends up with a garbage folder path. (known issue on filename/path limitation).

If there is such a cloning thing in Windows, everybody probably turned it off already for being a pain to use.
3 years ago

Joe Ess wrote:

Jesus Angeles wrote:
Now, I would need reinstall all software, etc. What I am try to avoid here is the waste of time.

Given the fact that most applications and OS's are constantly updating, any backup will quickly be out of date and will need some measure of tweaking to running once restored. Add to that the possibility that a backup could preserve the preconditions that lead to the crash in the first place and I don't see the sense in keeping a backup.
Starting with a bare hard drive, I can have my development environment up and running in a few hours and my computer will be in a known, stable state. I only back up data. Stuff I can afford to lose goes on a USB hard drive. Stuff that I cannot afford to lose I burn to DVD, make multiple copies and stored with trusted family members. Cloud? Forget it. Your data is not yours.

I agree 100% on the cloud being not ours. I really dont care about it, as long as I have a back up, and that it is not easily readable.

The cloud data backup I have, use my (not sent through the network) encryption key. It is not 100% (murphy's law?), but it would be very hard to make use of my data if anyone gets a hand on it (which is yes, as any employee in that company with sufficient authority can read my data - but is an encrypted data).

It serves my purpose (worst case scenario, like fire). I am at peace when I do my jogging/run, as I know, even my house burns, my data is not lost (not that the data is more valuable than the house, although it could be, e.g. business files).

The only problem is if my harddisk crashes 100% and the cloud company for some reasons also evaporates into air, at the same time.

Another reason I use internet backup instead of just burning it into a DVD and put in a safe, if that my safe is not the kind that protects such materials; otherwise, that sounds better. Oh, I think there are external harddisks that are actually housed in a fire-safe, and designed exactly for this purpose.

Another good reason for the internet backup system I am using, is that I can backup like daily painlessly. I just start it before I sleep. It backs up only the files changed.
3 years ago