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I think that Sasmito Adibowo�s model is correct from requirement point of view. It is very simple and precise. However there is one problem, it allows complicating itinerary only, i.e. increase number of flights. E.g. if we have one-way itinerary A-B-Z, we can change it to A-B-C-Z and not to A-Z. I just had idea, what if in change itinerary use case, we would allow customer deleting a stopover point (not a flight). E.g. we have itinerary A-B-Z, the user selects point B and prepare itinerary for A-Z route is called. More complicated example: we have itinerary A-B-C-D-Z and the user want to change C. In that case, prepare itinerary use case is called with B-D as source and destination. And the result is inserted into A-B-whatever-D-Z. What do you think of that?


I have started to analyze part 2 of SCEA and I have some questions regarding the assignment for those who has passed the exam or in progress.

1. Did you draw separate component/sequence diagrams for web clients and application clients?
2. Were the sequence diagrams based on class diagram or component diagram (as in Cade�s and Roberts� book)?
3. Did you show anywhere anyhow that connection between server and web/application clients is secure?

Any ideas would be highly appreciated.