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Arjunkumar Shastry

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Recent posts by Arjunkumar Shastry

Hi Brent,
Does book cover sample project to understand GitHub and CI/CD integration?
Developing CI/CD pipeline is generally done by Dev-Ops.
How easy is to use Github-CI/CD pipeline for hobby projects?
How is Rust compared with Golang when it comes to concurrency? How easy is it to create concurrent application? Does Rust has built in features like Channels(which golang has) for coordination?
2 years ago
How Haskell handles concurrency ? Haskell has definitely good libraries but how does it compare while developing REST/Microservice?
All math concepts are not required i guess but familiarity of  some topics are essential.
1)Linear Algebra
2)Basic Calculus/single/multivariate

Thanks all and author for answering!

Eager to read.
3 years ago
Algorithms are of great importance but everyday do we face these problems? Unless you are developing application or system in initial phase, we are busy mainly maintaining the application or giving support. So people tend to memorize algorithms or data structures for the sake of appearing for interviews!
Do you/your book recommend any hobby projects so that  we keep active interest in this field?
3 years ago
Hello Daniel.

Thanks for the great book. This book uses C language so i hope we can use Golang also .
Does book assumes any prerequisites ? like discrete math  etc ?
3 years ago

16 years ago

16 years ago
Google might give 73,482 results in 0.89 seconds.Going through each free portal and reading through License and Terms and conditions is painful job.
16 years ago
Is there any free portal application which we can use for intranet application?
to do:
1)Logging of user
2)User will enter data in some table
3)Data will be stored in database table.

16 years ago

Originally posted by Jim Yingst:
[b] It doesn't take that much genius to see that plugging imaginary numbers into Euler's exponential power series gives power series for sine and cosine.

I thought about this:
e^ix = cos(x) + i sin(x) and then ix = ln(cos(x) +i sin(x)) and then put x = PI,you get the above one.But without this plugging,formula doesn't seem obivious to me.One irrational number raised to the power of another irrational and sqrt(-1) is -1?
As per Gauss- "if this formula was not immediately obvious, the reader would never be a first-class mathematician".
16 years ago
So you want to do R&D in how often people use the term "R&D" ?
I think its usage is more common in India(that too in IT companies).Possibly because we don't find the precise word in specific context??
The term Research and Development is much more than installing and configuring I believe.R&D assumes you know the present work and you are doing the research and later you will develop that.
[ August 08, 2007: Message edited by: Arjunkumar Shastry ]
16 years ago
Correct.Its difficult to predict long term future.Currency value depends on lot of factors such as oil,export,unemployment,agriculture etc.Making Saturday working I believe no company has taken the decision.The typical "wait and see" approach makes sense.
16 years ago