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Recent posts by Rupak Khurana

Which book would you recommend to a starter who knows nothing about struts.

17 years ago
Hi All
I have cleared the exam with 82 % yesterday. Below is my story

No experience with servlets or JSP or any of J2EE. Started preparing in Mid April. Read the book HFSJ, made notes all along to complete details so that I dont have to read the book again. Have been going through lot of life changing event in the past months like selling my condo, buying a new house, packing and the move and then trying to settle in the new house over the last few weeks. Also read SCWCD study kit (Manning Publications) half-way through, updated my notes. Then finally revised the notes, skimmed through the complete Manning book. I found the flow in manning book better than HFSJ.
Then I took mock exams and here are the numbers

1. J2EE certificate
a. Study topics exams Avg = 66%
b. practice exam(20) = 65%

2. mock exam = 88%

3. JDiscuss

a. Test1 (30) = 76%
b. Test2 (30) = 73%
c. Test3 (30) = 70%
d. Test4 (30) = 83%
e. Test5 (30) = 60%

4. HFSJ book exam = 62% (+20) rule worked for me too

5. = 76%

a. SCWCD-Free-2(10) = 90%
b. SCWCD-Free-1(50) = 88%

Pay attention to EL, there were lot of questions, do as many exercises on it.

good luck to you all.

will probably take some rest now...learn some new tech like struts, spring etc

Well the errata says "last updated on Feb 23 2006"? should we trust that errata, looks like it has mistakes too as in the question above.

would the authors pls clarify?
Given :
<%@ page isELIgnored="true" %>

what is the effect?

A. Noting, this page directive is not defined

B. The directive turns off thee valuation of EL code by the JSP container in all of the web application's JSPs

C. The JSP containing this directive should be treated by the JSP container as a well formed XML file

D.The JSP containing this directive should not have any EL code evaluated by the JSP container

E.This page directive will only turn off EL evaluation if the DD declares a <el-ignored>true</el-ignored> element with a URL pattern that includes this JSP.

I answered D and so does the book. But when I look at the errata available on O'Reilly website, it says the answer should be E and not D

My question is how worthy that errata is? Some of the items that I find in that errata are already fixed in the book and some not.

pls enlighten me.....
I waited for ever to have the K&B 1.5 out in the market for SCJP. I'd say go for 1.4 SCWCD exam, even if SUN comes up with it, the study material wont be ready for a long time.
By the way, a student always takes an exam, a teacher gives the exam.. sadly most people get this fundamental grammar wrong
Ok I uninstalled and this time unzipped the zip file. set the paths, and run startup.bat and voila!
18 years ago
Hey this Tomcat installation sucks !

I gave another shot to install it on a different XP machine using Windows installable EXE for 5.5.16. I installed it as a service, with all the examples. I set the paths for CATALINA_HOME, JAVA_HOME etc. I rebooted the machine and after that I can see that tomcat service running. But there are no bat files in the bin folder (startup.bat, shutdown.bat). I can point to my localhost and I can see the startup page for Tomcat showing that cat(or lion). But when I click on the servlets examples link, I get 404 error. I dont know whats going on, I had changed the port number from 8080 to 80 during installation as stated in the Manning book for SCWCD.

pls enlighten me.......
18 years ago
I am just starting with in servlet world. I downloaded and installed TomCat 5.5.16 on Win 2000 machine. Under the bin folder, I dont see any bat files like startup.bat, shutdown.bat etc. The files that are present are :-


If I double click on tomcat5.exe, it runs and I can see the TomCat page if I point my browser to localhost. However if I click on the Servlets or JSP examples link, then it reports an error 404. Similarly if I introduce my own servlet under webapps, I get the same error :-

HTTP Status 404 - /servlets-examples/
type Status report
message /servlets-examples/
description The requested resource (/servlets-examples/) is not available.

Is there anything missing in my setup

18 years ago
It has to be -- Sun Certified Programmer for Java 5: Study Guide Exam 310-055 by Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates
18 years ago
There arent many good reviews for the Deshmukh book. see for the reviews. whereas HFSJ is considered the bible
If you dont put super() or this() in a constructor, the compiler will put a call to super() as the first statement automatically
You should know the hashCode contract. The following 2 rules are a MUST :-

1. if a.equals(b) is true, then a.hashCode() MUST be equal to b.hashCode()
2. If a.hashCode() and b.hashCode() are not equal, then a.equals(b) MUST be false

the remaining combinations are not mandatory. If you know & understand this, you should be able to answer all equals & hashCode questions correctly.
I also had the same dilemma over the weekend. I passed SCJP this passed Saturday and now was wondering whether to go for SCWCD or SCDJWS. I went through lots of threads and finally decided to go for SCWCD for the following reason :-

1. SCWCD is easier than SCDJWS (which is considered to be the toughest one) and also its scope is less, therefore you could clear it in much less time.

2. The best book is available - Head First Servlets and JSPs by K & B & B. The good book (from Osborne)is still in works for SCDJWS, I dont expect it until next year.People have been waiting for it for long.

3. More companies today use Servlets/JSPs than SOAP/WSDL/UDDI etc therefore more job opportunities.

4. If you want to put nice words on your resume and that too quickly, go for SCWCD now, and then go for SCDJWS.
I have passed SCJP1.5 with 83%, the credit undoubtedly goes to K&B 5.0 book. it was a long wait for that book but worth it finally.
18 years ago