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m brown

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Recent posts by m brown

i earned a bs degree in computer science.

unfortunately, i did not intern or anything in my time in college.

i think that wouldve really helped if i had at least done that.
15 years ago
i graduated from a small university from a local suburb. i live very close to the chicagoland area.
15 years ago
oh yeah, there are plenty of jobs for software engineers...all you have to do is go on,, and youll see all the jobs they have available.

if i had more experience i wouldve had 3 or 4 jobs by now and ive only started searching in june. my lack of experience is whats holding me back, but you have experience so you should do fine here. i am in the chicagoland area by the way.
15 years ago
it seems to be the same cycle over and over again....recruiter/hr person calls me for interview. i tell them about me and they ask about my experience. "well i just graduated in june, i dont really have much industry experience".

at this point i can pretty much i forget about the job...

everywhere i go, job fairs, online job search engines like monster etc, they all want people with experience.

what can i do? where do i go? im so lost here. i dont know what to do.
15 years ago
okay, i know this is easy, but ive been up all night and my brain just froze.
its for the following problem

" The rounding rules for
tax are that for a tax rate of n%, a shelf price of p contains
(np/100 rounded up to the nearest 0.05) amount of sales tax."

basically i just need to round the tax off to the nearest 0.5

i looked in my books and searched google they were no help.

so lets say i have

double tax;

and the tax value is 1.499.

how do i round that off to point 1.5?
15 years ago
the sony ericsson k750i is a camera/mp3player/phone. the battery life is excellent. i play music on it like all day and the battery holds up all day.
15 years ago
i have an invention idea and it will need to use a program that map-quest like. i dont want to use map quest in my invention because they will get some of the profit. so how hard would it be to create a 'mock' map quest? anyone know?

how does map quest work anyway? does it use gps satellites?
[ September 18, 2005: Message edited by: m brown ]
15 years ago

been there and done that...i have had my sony ericsson k750i since june and it absolutely destroys that "itunes" phone. it plays MP3'S not some silly itunes format or what ever it is. i have a 1 gb memory stick which holds around 250 songs, which is good enough for me.

not only that but it also has a 2 megapixel camera(which is pretty good for a phone) and a FM radio.
[ September 18, 2005: Message edited by: m brown ]
15 years ago
i graduated a few months ago and i happend to like java the most as it is a very deep language with many aspects to specialize in.

im currently working on my scjp to beef up my resume a little bit.

but i was wondering what else is out there in IT? i like java but at the same time i dont want to put all my eggs in one basket.

i was going to try and learn oracle and get certified in it. unfortunately they did not teach that in school so i am going to buy books on it and read that on the side.

would oracle be a good "plan b"? what other fields in it are worth pursing?
15 years ago

Originally posted by David Ulicny:

Work with Java 12 hours per day.

wow...are you serious?
15 years ago
tommorow i will be taking an aptitude test. It will cover problem solving, math, etc.....

the lady even sent me some sample questions:

"The logic and aptitude test contains three timed sections. All questions are multiple choice. The test is not designed for you to finish. DO NOT GUESS!!! To get practice on Sections 1 & 2, reference a book at your local library, Air Traffic Controller Exam.

Section 1 (In Air Traffic Controller Exam, section called Relationship of Letters): 15 minutes

This part tests your ability to detect sequential patterns. The questions consist of a series of letters from the alphabet. You must select the letter to complete the series.


C, D, F, G, J, K, O, P, __ What letter would complete this list?


C, D, F, G, J, K, O, P, U

Section 3: 30 minutes

The last section tests your math aptitude with word problems (percentages, fractions, and algebra). You will not be permitted to use a calculator. As with the other sections, all questions are multiple choice.


A mother left 20% of her estate to one son and 25% to another son. The remaining $55,000 she left to her daughter. Find the amount of the estate:

A. $90,000 B. $100,000 C. $110,000 D. $120,000 E. none "

so i guess the test will be set up like that....anyone know a website or anything i can look at to practice?
15 years ago
heres one:

but you can pretty much google "java interview questions" and get alot of results.
15 years ago
if someone were to ask you this in a interview, how would you respond?
15 years ago
ive been job searching alot and i discovered that alot of employers required linux/unix experience.....ive used unix before at university, wrote shell scripts, etc...but ive only used the linux operating system once....

do most companies use linux the tasks they accomplish? what exactly should i know about linux
15 years ago