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Recent posts by vidya sagar

Code is self-explanatory...Still have a doubt let me know

13 years ago
To make code easier for others to understand, below is compact code

By running the above code as a standalone application the output was
Output : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

But by running the above code in Websphere6.1, the output was
Output :

Nothing got printed in websphere console after the word output.
Catching throwable also not helping me(No errors displayed).

i am assuming my problem may be similar to the problem posted here.

please tell me how to force websphere to use xml-apis.jar provided by sun jdk.

I placed the xml-apis under web-inf/lib which was not working.

Thanks in advance

I fix the exception block and even then i am not able to see any excpetion in the console.
My project requires of creating a xml file by reading partial datas from EXcel file and another partial datas from Database.

When i try running a program as a standalone, XML was created with no issues, but when i run from server its not thorwing any error. File was created but no content was present in it.

Did i miss anything.....Few chunks of code i had pasted.

Any ideas/suggestions are welcome.
I have an issue while configuring websphere v6.1 for our application. To run our web application we need to set the security configuration under security-> Secure administration, application and infrastructure. When i try to set the local operating system configuration, the primary admin username and server identity in the websphere server v6.1, clicking ok button will show me the progress bar is running for some time and page cannot be displayed is seen.i had set a server session timeout to one hour.

Installation doc for our application states that create a primary admin user is as below.
“ Log on to the operating system using an administration account with sufficient privileges. For example, on Windows, you must log on using an account that is an explicit member of the local Administrators group. A domain-level administration account that inherits its permissions through a group does not have sufficient privileges.”

The admin department from our company has created the user as “db2admin” (not a domain level user) and made it as a member of Local Administrator Group. Then logged in to my pc as db2admin user and created a user called “SONORA” (our application specific user) and made it as a member of Local Administrator Group.

After I provide the primary admin user and server identity in websphere v6.1 and pressed the ok button then the server hangs after some time without any error message.

But, In websphere v6.0, I can able to set the same user id (“sonora”) as primary admin user and can run our application successfully.

Please guide us how to set the security settings to proceed further. I suspect something to do with the local administrative user privileges. Is there any special privileges needs to be set for the user.

Thanks in advance.
14 years ago
Thanks Brian.You got my point.i was facing HTML limitations in Swing.Am gonna try some 3rd party editors.If you know/suggest any 3rd part editors, please let me know.
15 years ago
In my application there is textarea in which users are allowed to paste their html content(possibly mail contents from outlook they have paste it).
For that i used below code

While running,when i copied contents from outlook and pasting into application, extra brackets along with text wording 'fragments' are coming in start and end of the copying contents.

Any suggestions why this is coming so?.Thanks in advance.
15 years ago
Recently i started learning spring, just looking for help from ranchers in choosing below 2 options
i) Stop Spring time being, learn Seam and continue with spring.
ii) Finish the spring and start Seam.

Note : Am not interested in parallel learning in this case.

Guys, please mention the reason for your suggestion.
Dependency Injection is new name coined instaed of Inversion of control.

Hi Tauri,

Am in process of learning spring,expecting your code to know how Spring MVC need to be Integrated with Tiles.
Hi Tauri,

I am looking for the code,can you paste here.
ApplicationContextAware is an interface.Objects of the classes implementing this interfaces will be notified when applicationcontext runs.
Try this

Place the applicationcontext.xml, anywhere in your classpath.