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Recent posts by Huasong Yin

Dont forget Strategy and Decorator!
Decorator is heavily used in AWT and Swing. ScrollPane and JScrollPane are Decorators. The high-level Stream classes are also Decorators.
The LayoutManagers are Strategies.
His article is not as in depth as that of Gamma's. I think that he didnt put much effort in hacking patterns in Java.
Here again is my trial for Mark's question:
1. If my Class M needs to inherit from class A, I would first decide whether M needs to have the full or partial functionality of A. Use inheritence if M behaves fully like A. Use composition if M only inherits partial behaviors from A and delegate bahaviors to the corresponding member field. For example:
class ButtonWindow extends Frame {
Button b;
public void setButtonText(String s){
public void addActionListener(ActionListner a){
//other members
The key is to maintaion a balance between inheritence and delegation.
2. In Java there is only one class to inherit from, choosing the appropriate superclass will be the major task.
20 years ago
This is a great interview question. Here is my trial of an answer.
1. I would prefer interface over abstract class if all the data fields are static constants and I do not expect any subtypes to have default behaviours.
2. More importantly if I expect subtypes can inherit from any other classes. This is the reason given by previous posting. For example, I can implement my Frame to be an ActionListener. But if ActionListener were declared as an abstract class, I would have to extend ActionListener instead of Frame. **So Interface must be used in order to support multiple inheritence**.
20 years ago
I am a Sun certified Java 2 programmer with strong problem-solving skills.
My skill set includes:
*JDBC, Servlets, Swing, Visual Cafe
*VB/VBscript, SQL Server
Not very experienced, but with a quick-learning mind
My education includes PhD in Mathematics and MS in Artificial Intelligence.
I live in Georgia now. Looking for US employment that can provide **H-1 sponsorship**. Preferred location is the South, East area, but I am willing to relocate to anywhere in US.
Huasong Yin
20 years ago
A and C are both correct.
C is correct because that all methods in an Interface should be declared public. They are implicitly abstract whether you declare it or not.

Originally posted by Charlie Swanson:
Which of the following is correct ? Select all correct answers.
A. The native keyword indicates that the method is implemented in another language like C/C++.
B. The only statements that can appear before an import statement in a Java file are comments.
C. The method definitions inside interfaces are public and abstract. They cannot be private or protected.
D. A class constructor may have public or protected keyword before them, nothing else.
The Correct answers were A and B.
I disagreed with B due to the fact that packages are stated befor
the import.
Can anyone please explain why B is correct and my answer was incorrect.