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Rebecca YY

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since Feb 08, 2001
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Recent posts by Rebecca YY

Thanks Lokesh,
So you mean the dynamic look-up happens during the runtime, and only when the reference find the method in its 'own' class(the reference type class), can it compile correctly. Then all these are--there is actually no overriding from the beginning, so...
Then the ((Agg)a).getFields() is actually a combination of
Agg b=(Agg)a;
in which b will find its method in compile time.
Is that right? Thanks a lot. When things get complicated a little, we often forget the very basic.
23 years ago
Hi there,
class Base {}
class Agg extends Base{
public String getFields(){
String name = "Agg";
return name;
public class Avf{
public static void main(String argv[]){
Base a = new Agg();
What code placed after the comment //Here will result in calling the getFields method resulting in the
output of the string "Agg"?
1) System.out.println(a.getFields());
2) System.out.println(;
3) System.out.println((Base) a.getFields());
4) System.out.println( ((Agg) a).getFields());

Q:method invoked depending on object, so here a.getFields() seems should invokes getFields() in the Agg class, why Base?
23 years ago