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I faced 2-3 questions in EJBQL and all were drag and drop. They give one database table and ask us to write query for specified requirement. It is tough in the sense that there were too many blanks to fill.


select --
from --
where -- -- -- AND -- --

Writing a query is NOT a problem but writing with all blanks filled was bit problem
16 years ago
If called bean is CMT(as in ur case), yes it is statisfied. In case it is BMT, caller tx will be suspended. Regarding carrying the tx info, it is the container's job and thats why we pay so much for app servers.
I dont understand *Binding* responsibilty of Deployer. For example whats the meaning of "The Deployer BINDS the EJB references to the enterprise bean homes in the target operational environment."


If this is specified in DD, then it is automatically binded and this is done by Bean Provider and Assembler. Then, whats Deployer binds?

Class A{

Is there any way I can find the CLASS NAME of caller to above mentioned call() method in class A. Please note that call() has no parameters.

16 years ago
At page 559 HF, it is mentioned that the exceptions thrown for following cases.
1)Client calls getPrimaryKey() on the local component interface of a session bean

Ans: EJBException

2) Client calls the home remove method on the LOCAL home interface of session bean.

Ans: RemoveException

I dont understand (2) case. I guess that should be EJBException. My thinking is (2) is against the EJB rule so it shud throw EJBException.
Can somebody explain me, please.

portable means your business methods should behave simalarly in all containers. When tran attr is "Not Supported", the business method will run in "unspecified context" which means that the behaviour is container dependent.

Which of the following statements regarding message-driven bean exception handling are true? [Check all correct answers]

1)Message-driven beans throw both application exceptions and system exceptions.
2)If a system exception is thrown by a method, the transaction is always rolled back by the container.
3)If a system exception is thrown by a method, the bean instance is always discarded.
4)If a system exception is thrown by a method, the client does not receive the exception.
5)If an application exception is thrown by a method, the client receives the exception.

Given Correct Ans:3,4

But i guess even 2 is also correct.

Comments please.

ya..i too confused here. Experts, comments please.
Yes, you can call remove on component interface. If it is already associated with corresponding bean instance, it will be called on that. If NOT i guess Container will pick instance from pool and load it and then call remove on that.
But in my certification they have clearly mentioned Expiration date as Feb 26, 2005.
Hi Guys,

I am certified Java programmer(SCJP). I took this certification on Feb 26, 2003 and that is carrying expiration date as Feb 26, 2005. So, does it mean that i cannot take SCBCD exam now?

Your help is very much appriciated.

Thanks and Regards,