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Recent posts by M Rama

Why do you have Spring Security enabled, if you don't need it. I would remove all security settings out of it.

5 years ago
I think you are defeating the purpose if you need to differentiate the two classes in the parent.

This comes back to the question, why do you want to put the constructor logic of the two classes in the parent?

If there is same logic to be implemented, I would move only that portion to the parent.

If you can write the body of your classes ( even a few lines ), you will get better suggestions.
5 years ago
Use the jobdatamap to pass data.
I have a service running on Websphere which changes the prefixes when sending responses.

I am expecting this in the response
<a:XYZ namespace="http://schema">

but am getting this
<ns1:XYZ namespace="http://schema">

I understand that technically these are the same, but the folks who have the client can't process the later.

Is there anyway to force websphere to keep the prefixes in the schema while sending responses?

9 years ago
Found the answer. The schema needed to have elementFormDefault="qualified".

The error was with abc where if xmlns was used on xyz, abc used the same namespace and not in the other scenario.

9 years ago
My service also likes:
9 years ago
I generated Java code from the WSDL. I own the service and I wrote a test client and the soap which got generated was like this:

However my external client wants them like this:

Aren't the namespace for xyz the same in both scenarios? So, why my Java Service Implementation code doesn't fetch me the data? I get a null when I try to access abc through code.

9 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:

M Rama wrote:I did look at WS-Security implementation in WebSphere and it does implement it. However, it doesn't seem to do the userid/password authentication but creates its own keys.

This sounds a bit odd. WS-Security is a standard - if WebSphere implements it, then it supports username/password authentication. Also, I don't understand what "it creates its own keys" means in the context of authentication.

Hi Ulf,
Thanks for your response. In Websphere there seems to be an option for username/password but I am not sure how it has to be configured and is what I am trying to find.

I saw your article of doing this with axis2 and rampart http://www.javaranch.com/journal/200709/Journal200709.jsp#a3

While Websphere has its webservice written on top of axis2, I didn't see any articles on where axis installation is done and how to set AXIS_HOME.

Can you give me any pointers on how I can solve this?

Thanks for your time.
9 years ago

Ulf Dittmer wrote:The Metro SOAP stack has an implementation of the WS-Security standard that allows you to do that. I'm not sure whether WebSphere (which I assume you're using) implements WS-Security, although I'd assume that it does - search its documentation for "WS-Security".

Hi Ulf,
Thanks for the response. I did look at WS-Security implementation in WebSphere and it does implement it. However, it doesn't seem to do the userid/password authentication but creates its own keys. That was the reason behind my question to see if someone had done this.

I will research some more.

9 years ago

Hemanth H Bhat wrote:Well i don't think we would be able to create a full wsdl file based on a SOAP XML due to the following reasons

Its not necessary that the SOAP XML that you have would contain all the parameters that are supported by the wsdl as many optional parameters/Tags might be missing from the SOAP request or the SOAP response XML

Also the wsdl may support multiple web service operations so each operation will have a separate set of request and response SOAP XML's hence based on a single SOAP XML it would be hard to derive the complete wsdl file

Hi Hemanth,
While I agree with what you say, generating wsdl for that particular SOAP would be handy and if there are multiple SOAPs, it could be manually merged. But I digress.

Any thoughts on my original question?

James Ward wrote:Why not start with a Java Class, instead of SOAP.

Write a Java Class, with appropriate methods, and then use 'java2wsdl' command available in Axis2. You will find it in <AXIS2_HOME>\bin\ dir.

This is a good way to arrive at wsdl.

Hi James,
I would still have the same problem if I create the Java Class. How would I get the appropriate name spaces? I can create the wsdl fine without the namespace. Any thoughts on how this needs to be implemented in Java Class?
I have couple of questions:

1. Are there any tools available which will convert a SOAP to WSDL? I found one when I googled which was an XSL but it doesn't work

2. I manually created a WSDL but I am getting error on namespace on Rational Application Developer editor:

For example how would I write the WSDL for the following SOAP Body? Without the namespace I can get it fine:

Any help will be appreciated.

I am writing a service on Rational Application Developer with JAX-WS. I have a requirement to authenticate the userid password which I am getting. How do I go about doing this?

I have searched with google and IBM site but can't find much.

Can someone please point me in the right direction?
9 years ago
Is your book a good starting point to use Spring Web Flow along with Spring MVC? Do I need a prior knowledge of Spring MVC for that?

While I understand the Stripes and I can see the similarities with Spring MVC and What is the Ultimate Selling point of Spring web flow?

10 years ago
Are there any complexity with using grails and a database on the iSeries? Do we get the same advantages as any other database?
10 years ago