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Recent posts by Vitor Isaia

Thanks everyone for the congrats!
Jart, to be honest, my main study base was the K&B book. In my opinion, if you 're confident with the book content you're good. I've done whizlabs mock exams, but more in the beginning of my study process... then I was more focused in the book only, studying and re-studying it... but you'll do the SCJP 6, so you need some resources to cover the extra topics in it. Have you checked the Enthuware JQ+ for SCJP6? It's cheaper than whizlabs.

Regards, good luck!
13 years ago
Hello Folks!

Yesterday I cleaned the SCJP 5 Exam with 87%. Thank God for that!
And thanks K&B for the amazing book!! Thanks also to JavaRanch for
the great community.

I've been working with Java for 5 years.


13 years ago
Both sides (reference and object) need to be of the exaclty same generic type... even if one of the types extends the other one...

So "C" is wrong because the type is different... Number and Integer.
You can't have something like this:
List<Number> l = new ArrayList<Integer>();



How are you monitoring memory used by Tomcat?

I'm watching the process in Windows Task Manager... this way I'm shure the memory increase is in the server, not in the client.

The servlet do some processing with the data... it reads the bytes and converts it, writing to a temporary file... saves some information in a structure similar to the httpSession, and other stuff. BUT the thing is... if I don't call the servlet's method (leaving the doPost method EMPTY) the memory increases exactly the same way... that's what is driving me crazy...! So, the problem is in POSTING data... even without any processing by the servlet. It is very weird.
15 years ago
Yes, that is the most common case, but not mine... just beacause if I left the doPost servlet's method empty, the memory still increases. I'm suspecting the server is not supporting large posts... it doesn't make sense.
15 years ago
I call this method 100 times, one per package.

Encoder.base64Encode(pack) returns the file content in a String (base64)... So this should increase the client's memory, not server's. Every time I call this method in the client, the server's memory increase... So, just posting the content is enough to increase the server's memory... even if I don't do anything in the servlet... It is very strange... Thanks
15 years ago
I think you use JBoss this can help:

Try to find a similiar configuration in Tomcat.
15 years ago
I have an upload application, wich consists in an applet that sends post requests to a servlet, through the Jakarta Commons HttpClient libs. The file is uploaded in packages, so I divide the file in 100 parts and send each part per httppost. So when I upload a file I do 100 posts, one per package. What happens is, for every post, the server memory (jboss 4.0.3SP1 - uses Tomcat 5) increases according to the post size. At the end of the process, the server do not deallocate that memory. So after I upload a few large files, I have an out of memory exception. I don't know how to deallocate that memory, actually should I? I think the server should know that memory is not used any more and then deallocate it. At the and of the doPost servlet's method, I placed a System.gc() but did not change anything. Any suggestions?

EDIT: I did a preview search and didn't find anything about this issue...

Thanks a lot for any help.
[ September 05, 2006: Message edited by: Vitor Isaia ]
15 years ago
Hello people, the problem was solved.

The problem was in the jars that I was including in my app's lib...

there was a conflict with jboss 4.0.1 jars...

so I took out all the jars of the app's lib, and tryed to deploy
without jars... so when the errors happened because of the missing
jars, I putted one by one just to solve the actual missing jar
problem... actually what I did was remove the unnecessary jar files....

thats it!

regards, Vitor Isaia
16 years ago
Does anyone know the solution??

I'm desperate...

16 years ago
And what about the main problem in this topic?
Does anyone know the solution??

16 years ago
How did you solve your problem?

I'm in the same situation... and I have no idea about how to solve it...
16 years ago