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Recent posts by Prasanna Maiya

Did you mean SCWCD OR SCBCD ?

In SCWCD, there'll be many option-boxes available. You'll have to select the right ones and drag them on to the blank boxes.

The ones I got were very very simple. They were just one-liners
If it was working fine earlier and suddenly stopped working, something must have changed in between.

May be your web.xml instructs the container to ignore EL. (See under <jsp-config><jsp-property-group> element. <el-ignored>true</el-ignored> .

Make sure your new file is part of the same web-application the old one was part of.

I cleared SCWCD with 92%.

The only book I referred to was Head First Servlets & JSP. I borrowed the book from my company library and studied for 5 weeks.

As you might be aware this new version - SCWCD 1.4 is relatively new and you don't find many free mock exams available on the net.

I tried some on 1.3 on

For 1.4 if you make a search on google, you'll get and others which offer commercial exams. You can go to them and download the trial version which contains 15-20 Qns.

After all these, once you feel you are battle-ready, take the final mock exam on the book (HFS&JSPs). As the authors claim, it IS tougher than the real exam. I could manage only little above 80% with that.

Wishing you all the best to you.. aspirants...