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Recent posts by Gran Roguismo

I'm running v5.1 and trying to deploy a web service. Not having much luck however. It's calling out a NullPointerException several times while starting up

I also get a ClassCastException later on down the line

I'm not even sure where to start. Everything looks fine in the webservices.xml, web.xml and GetRecordWS_mapping.xml to my knowledge. let me know if it would help to post that code.
13 years ago
Thanks for your help. I was able to get the WSDL to generate by adding the name spaces back in. The original issue was with me using ns: on some items and not using it on others in that namespace.
14 years ago
I went ahead and did that, and it jumped to a different definition, but same error really

"ItineraryNameValue is referenced but not defined."

I made a couple other modifications as well. Here is the new file:

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14 years ago
thanks for your reply Kamal,
My gut does say that it's something to do with that XSD, which is why I actually assigned the schema the same XSD target name space. (at least that's what I thought I was doing) Because, as I said, all definitions are in the actual document. None of them are missing from what I can see, especially the ones it's calling out.
Is there a way to force it to recognize that?
14 years ago
I'm new to web services and axis, but I've been having some success with developing them so far.
My current task is to create a web service from a WSDL that's been handed to me, I have not been given much information on how it was created, but it seems that there has to be something wrong with it. I'm not able to generate code from it for one error after another. Usually that error is "<something> is referenced but not defined"
However, all these types are indeed defined in the WSDL

It's a long one but here it is:

So why won't it recognize the types that it has defined? Why is it looking outside of the document?

I'm using Axis 1.4 and WSDL2Java via an ant task

thanks for your help.
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14 years ago
I can't speak for BEA, but I think the last time I called up an IBM rep to talk about a trial version of the latest portal server he told me it did not have a trial version, and the cost was ~90k per seat.
14 years ago
thanks, great answer.
14 years ago
I've been really demoing out a few portal products, but with jetspeed I had just about everything working with it correctly with the exception or the RSS portlet and the perl(if memory serves) example portlet.

This all worked right out of the box when I had fixed the problem mentioned above. I was also able to get my own hello world portlet working and an example of portlet-to-portlet communication with a third party jar.
14 years ago
I'm analyzing the approach to developing a portal in websphere 6. The implementation is going to require that communication take place between portlets that exist on separate pages. Documentation I'm coming across seems to explicitly note that it's inter-portlet communication for the same page.
Is the portlet communication going to be different when they're on a separate page? Won't that still work with websphere's property broker.

thanks for any information and/or links
14 years ago
It looks like my problem lay in the fact that the location I was deploying to was full, but not properly displaying it's capacity. In other words, the war file was not deploying because it didn't have the space to do so.
14 years ago
I'm new to portals having set up a reference implementation of Pluto last week and dropping a few portlets into it.

I decided it was time to move up to Jetspeed though, and so today downloaded the installer and ran through the process of unpacking the jar and letting ant install.

The portal did start up. Just about all of the war files unpacked and installed, but not j2-admin. When I went to the page I found several portlets with messages like

Failed to retrieve Portlet Definition for j2-admin::LocaleSelectorFailed to retrieve Portlet Definition for j2-admin::LocaleSelectorjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot pass a null PortletDefinition to a PortletEntity.Failed to retrieve Portlet Definition for j2-admin::LocaleSelectorFailed to retrieve Portlet Definition for j2-admin::LocaleSelector

I've tried googling around for answers, but there don't seem to be many people running into this exact problem. Questions near to this have been asked on this forum, but with no response.
Any chance that someone else is messing around with this right now and happens to know what the problem here is though?

14 years ago
From my limited knowledge of the subject thus far I would still say that Jetspeed is the real deal. Pluto is a reference implementation, and from my perspective merely around to test JSR168 compliant portlets. it's small, lightweight and requires nothing for installation. However it's lacking in robust features and really not intended for production use.
14 years ago
Had to bring this topic back up because I'm running into it on other machines than my own.
I have a hibernate session factory that will actually select between 1 of 4 database schemas depending on the market given to it. these schemas do have the same tables.
If the duplication is occuring though, and I can't see where since they are loaded up as needed. Why am I not having the issue and others running on my exact same code are having this problem?

let me know if there is any code I should be posting to help resolve this issue. thanks
I'm another hibernate noobie, so please correct me if I get anything wrong here.
I'm working off an oracle db here, with 2 schemas for development and testing. I should be switching between them using the hibernate config xml file I thought, but that doesn't seem to be working. I only seem to get the development data back. I've searched through the code for any other connections that might take the place of that config file, but I've found nothing. Ideas?

my two setups look like this:

the two connections do have the same password and when I log into either schema using toad I will be directed to the schema based off the user name.
I'm picking up a project using Ajax an din specific DWR. I don't know too much about either though and seem to be stuck on something that hopefully seems easy to everyone else.

I am trying to pass a variable string from my JSP page to my java method. Although the examples on the DWR site work there, when I try seemingly the same code I get the same result on my site, a message popping up saying "Invalid reply from server"

my setup is this. I put the method class into the dwr.xml

A created the classes to pull from with 2 parameters

and I put the javascript in the page

where did I go wrong though? thanks for any help.