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Daugherty Business Solutions is a successful IT consulting firm that provides innovative Custom Software Development, Mobile Computing, Business Intelligence, IT Management Consulting, and SAP solutions with business impact. Drawing on 20 years of continuous success and growth, Daugherty Business Solutions with three offices and nearly 400 employees is projected to double in size over the next five (5) years.

Daugherty hires full-time consultants looking for a challenge in the IT world. We hire to our company, not to a project. We require strong communication and interpersonal skills, business acumen, high aptitude and a strong professional software engineering background.

At Daugherty, you will have technical and management career paths in a dynamic yet structured environment. Daugherty will invest in you with company-paid training in leading technology and world-class methods and processes. You can play a key role in planning business directions, implementing strategies, and making Daugherty a better place to work.

A current example of the type of role that does not require travel and is available to employees we hire is:

Java Software Developer:

Become a part of a team responsible for developing a portal leveraging JSR-168 portlets. Utilize industry standard patterns, such as MVC, Strategy, Singleton, Service, Transfer Object, etc. Knowledge of development tools such as WSAD, XDE, ANT, etc. and of WebSphere App Server. Become responsible for the technical design and construction of program operations to meet current and future business objectives. Primary focus will be on JSP and servlets, with more advanced Java development utilizing standard patterns and potentially JMS.

Technical Environment:
Windows 2000, XP, Oracle 9i, Java, J2EE, WebSphere.

If you are interested in a challenging and productive IT career with an employee-focused company, then please contact us at your earliest convenience to review your future. Forward your information to (Subject: JavaRanch Applicant)
15 years ago