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Recent posts by anjali ray

no by secure I mean certain extra information will be shown on the page when the user is logged in. If the user is not logged in then I want to not show all information.
So the same page will show secure and unsecured information.
10 years ago
I have a jsp page where I want to show different information based on whether the user is logged in or not.
I won't be able to add to security-constraint as everything on the page will be secure.

How do I have secure and not secure information on the same page?

10 years ago
Can anyone help me with FORM based authentication in JSF. I have set up everything in the way JSP does it, but I continously getting login error.
I am using glassfish to set up .
13 years ago
I am not able to understand the concept of downcasting clearly. Does anyone has a good link that I can refer to?

The above code does not compile.
I was wondering why I am not able to add to the list?
It does have a super and I thought I could add String or a super class of String and Object being superclass of all, I should be able to add Object.
Thanks for any help
I am preparing for the IBM 252 or 253 exam.
Can anybody suggest where can I find materials to study for the exam. Is there any mock test that I need to buy to prepare for the exam.
I have added a slider onto a chart generated by JFreeChart using Javascript.
It is in a web application. When I drag my slider, the chart flickers continously. Is there a way to stop the chart from flickering when I am dragging the slider on it?
I will highly appreciate any suggestions.
Integer i1 = new Integer(2);
Integer i2 = new Integer(2);
System.out.println(i1 == i2); // FALSE

Integer j1 = 2;
Integer j2 = 2;
System.out.println(j1 == j2); // TRUE

Integer k1 = 150;
Integer k2 = 150;
System.out.println(k1 == k2); // FALSE
Can somebody explain why is this happening?

Integer jj1 = 127;
Integer jj2 = 127;
System.out.println(jj1 == jj2); // TRUE

int jjj1 = 127;
Integer jjj2 = 127;
System.out.println(jjj1 == jjj2); // TRUE

Integer kk1 = 128;
Integer kk2 = 128;
System.out.println(kk1 == kk2); // FALSE
Can somebody explain why is this happening?

Integer kkk1 = 128;
int kkk2 = 128;
System.out.println(kkk1 == kkk2); // TRUE

Integer w1 = -128;
Integer w2 = -128;
System.out.println(w1 == w2); // TRUE

Integer m1 = -129;
Integer m2 = -129;
System.out.println(m1 == m2); // FALSE

int mm1 = -129;
Integer mm2 = -129;
System.out.println(mm1 == mm2); // TRUE
I have a string which has a zero in the beginning.
For example 01254.
When I write it into a file using BufferedWriter the 0 in the beginning is dropeed and onlu 1254 is written.
How can I write the whole 01254 in the file.
Any help will be highly appreciated.
14 years ago
I have an editable tableviewer. I want to sort the rows with the date value entered in the columns but when the user has lost focus on the row i.e. I want to do the sorting when the user has clicked onto a different row.
How do I add a focuslost listener to a TableViewer.
Thanks for any help.
14 years ago
I am running a new thread in the fillstatusLine to get data from an external lib. Even though I am using a separate thread , RCP freezes up for a few seconds and then starts working normally. Is there a way to totally run the thread in the background so that the RCP does not freeze at all . I also tried Job instead of using a thread but got the same result.
I am also adding a progress view to the View already present. That also freezes the RCP for a while. Is there a way to add an additional view whithout letting the RCP freeze. My mouse turns into a spinner icon then.
Any suggestios will be very helpful.
14 years ago
I have developed a RCP application . When starting the application , the RCP gets locked up for a while and the mouse turns to a spinner icon. I removed all the code I had on the fillStatusLine method but still having the same behaviour.
Can anyone suggest anything what might be causing this ?
14 years ago
I am using Dynamic Proxy Classes. I have a method which does some function and I have it build in a jar file.
I add that jar file in the classpath of another project. I am calling the method and the invoke method is called as such. I am getting a InvocationTargetException.
Here is my stack trace:
[java] log4j:WARN Please initialize the log4j system properly.
[java] Mar 19, 2007 2:00:19 PM edu.unl.firm.client.Container <clinit>
[java] INFO: Starting container with standard JNDI connection providers
[java] Mar 19, 2007 2:00:20 PM edu.unl.firm.client.Container <init>
[java] INFO: container using token: FIRM_BASE
[java] Container created for token: FIRM_BASE
[java] java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException: error updating stations list
[java] at
[java] at$
[java] at org.eclipse.jface.operation.ModalContext$
[java] Caused by: javax.ejb.EJBException: nested exception is: java.rmi.RemoteException: CORBA BAD_OPERATION 1398079720 No; nested exception is:
[java] org.omg.CORBA.BAD_OPERATION: ----------BEGIN server-side stack trace----------
[java] org.omg.CORBA.BAD_OPERATION: vmcid: SUN minor code: 232 completed: No
[java] at Source)
[java] at Source)
[java] at Source)
[java] at Source)
[java] at Source)
[java] at Source)
[java] at Source)
[java] at Source)
[java] at Source)
[java] at Source)
[java] at Source)
[java] at Source)
[java] at$ Source)
[java] ----------END server-side stack trace---------- vmcid: SUN minor code: 232 completed: No
[java] at edu.unl.firm.component.gis._SpatialQuery_Wrapper.getStationsForState(
[java] at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
[java] at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
[java] at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
[java] at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
[java] at edu.unl.firm.client.ComponentInvocationHandler.invoke(
[java] at $Proxy2.getStationsForState(Unknown Source)
[java] at
[java] ... 2 more

If i call the method from within the project , then everything works fine.
I will highly appreciate any help or suggestions.
Does anybody have an example of how to include javascript in a portlet and call the function. I am trying an example by including js on the jsp page
like :
<sscript type ="text/javascript" src="test.js">
I have the js file in the same location as the jsp page.
I am getting an error saying:
"Object doe not allow call"
Thanks in advance for any help.
14 years ago
Thanks all. Synchronized ArrayList worked.
14 years ago