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Recent posts by Praful Thakare

finally I have the motivation to learn Kotlin, absolutely love head first books !!

welcome Dawn & David Griffiths and good luck with your book, I am sure it will sell like hot cakes.
5 years ago
Welcome Jeremy, the book title and description sounds interesting !!
7 years ago
Welocme Paul ,keen to learn about Codacy

since you are using annotation mapping you dont need following lines, try removing those from config file.

<bean class="org.springframework.web.servlet.mvc.method.annotation.RequestMappingHandlerAdapter"/>

<bean id="/login.spring" class="com.jitun.login.web.Login" />

9 years ago
First line has the clue java.lang.ClassCastException: org.springframework.web.servlet.ModelAndView cannot be cast to java.lang.String looks like the action methods causing this error are returning ModelAndView object where as String is expected. check the return type and return statements of these methods.
9 years ago
my personal favourite is Apache CXF for REST, some more info here
9 years ago
Interesting fact is, Servlet is supporting NON-Blocking requests since 3.0 released in end of 2009, Where as spring MVC is supports it since Spring 4.0 released Dec 2013.
Another interesting fact is Java is supporting it since jdk 1.4 released 2002 :-) But was too complex to use.

Google for DeferredResult + Spring MVC , you will find many examples.
So to answer your questions.

1) Does Spring Framework use non-blocking IO by default - NO
2 & 3) Can this be configured - Not configured but you can write specific MVC controllers
9 years ago
-U,--update-snapshots Forces a check for missing
releases and updated snapshots on
remote repositories
9 years ago
try mvn -U
9 years ago
with multipart request you won't get get values using request.getParameter(). its discussed previously on java ranch here
9 years ago
<head> ??

BTW, this is JSP forum you should ask questions in relevant forums

I tried using request.getParameter() but it only returns string.

yes, because its read only map (for servlet developer) used by container to store request/form parameters. you can use request.setAttribute and request.getAttribute.
9 years ago
try deleting works folder under tomcat, remember with eclipse there is a different folder for tomcat something like org.eclipse.wst.server.core
agree with Ulf, why to reinvent the wheel.

for code re factoring, one quick thing is to refactor sendEmailToUserList and sendEmailToUser should be refactored since they have 90% similar code. same goes with createEmailMessage and createBulkEmailMessage
9 years ago

I'm learning java ee now, so I think rewriting and understanding how tomcat implemented these interfaces helps.

Really? IMHO that will take you ages to learn java and not sure if it will add any significant knowledge by knowing how its done, I am personally worried about what the api should do, at max read the JSR, but if that's your style then so be it
9 years ago