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Recent posts by Mahesh Gautam

I am looking for some good mid size company where onsite are there may be short term , not a lomg term and having a good development projects.
It will very helpful if you can advice me in (in terms of schedule,Technology,Domain, role) about the J2EE projects which are currently supporting/development by Persistent.

I have almost 6+ yrs of experience and looking for Tech lead/Team Lead position, I have been there with IBM from last 10 months and my role here is more like senior developer. In IBM, working env is good but technology wise i am not getting enough exposure.

In a view of better career growth I think I need to do extensive work with more responsibilities, at the same time not want ruin family life, like I can't work for 9.30AM to 11.30 PM every day with out significant reason.
And if I do then atleast saturday Sunday should be free.On this front how is persistent environment.

I would be thankful for your advice.
16 years ago
Well, I don't know why people consider it as a cheating in interview, my opinion is learning for interview is more knowledgeable than doing work. Most of the time, projects are mostly concentrated on few things, but interview covered all the things, in fact there is no limit and java is again don't have the limit.

And even if he understand the question, its really difficult to explain and implement those things ex:-make tree in the cell of JTable.

We are just learning things from book , so I am just guiding him what to learn, that�s all.

And who are the recruiters, programmers!! So just ask intelligent questions, we can easily make out whether candidates concept is good or not.

And we know even senior programmers or manager is also not a master.

Sometime I feel , interview should be like question from both side, means one from interviewer another one from candidate.
16 years ago
And yes, just go through the Tree models and Tabloe models used in swing, how to display a combo box in cell of Jtable, amoymous inner class , JAVA PATTERNS, How to change the geomtery of Button like instead of rectangle button can u make round button. layouts, gridbag and other.Rendering of tree and table.

By the way which company is recruiting for SWING ? Is there any senior postion available ?

Best of Luck !!
16 years ago
me tooooo..................
16 years ago
This company is located at Mumbai, Powai (str 1000 people), and provide service to e-learning industries like pearson. Good thing about them is they use to offer good pay, if they understand that your experience is deserve that. There project are mostly with good technology.

Bad things: environment is always pressure base(tight scehdule).
16 years ago
Facility means, well its really a wide term, but i meant that CL,PL. LIke if a person need leave for couple a day, then there should not be any problem in terms of sanction, or considered as with out pay(during one year of joining). Bus, canteen , Medical, Gym, car laon, Deposit towards house loan, easy reimbursement these are the few facility which some company provides. And yes, yahoo mssngr, msn, access of internet with out any hiccups from senior, which are restricted in some projects of certain companies. Actually these create a healthy environment while working.
While working I really dislike if manager is just stand behind you and seeing your screen, to figure out what he is doing, and again manager is only concern about the completion of work, he don�t care what technical problem you could have ?

Well asking all these I just want to analysis the next jump, which mid size company will good like Satyam ,Mastek,BMC or some others.
16 years ago
Thanks all, for your valuable advice.
Actually I felt that, mid size company gives more opportunity to work on better technology, currently in my project, the onsite chances are almost nil, and this company is trying to handle only US client, so visa problems are as usual. But mid size companies are trying to gather project from Europe and other countries.

So my thinking is if salary is good say as per experience +1.5 L (Don�t know if Satyam pay this much) and on hand short term on site chance with better technology, better scope of work, then is it considerable?

Yes I do agree that 5 different company is not good, so I must wait for couple of years.

Any comments !!
16 years ago
Hi Guys,
I working with IBM, exp 6yrs(in 5 different company), now want to shift to Satyam for onsite and good development project. Can anybody advice me about Satyam Mumbai/Pune.In terms of following :-

1) Work Culture and environment, timmings, flexibility, basic facility, people etc
2) Salary
3) Onsite
4) Lay off in case of IT down time.

Thanks in Advance.
16 years ago