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Recent posts by Emily Sit

Oops, I can't count.  It seems the issue is when the filename is longer than 60 characters
1 year ago
I recently upgraded an old webservice from Jdk 1.6 on Weblogic 10.3.6 on SOLARIS 10 server to Jdk 1.8/Weblogic 12cR2 on AIX 7.1 server.

The application creates an excel report using the poi library and then zips the file up using  After that it calls an internal library which uses javax.mail to send an email with the attachment.  

All is good in the old world with the old java/weblogic on Solaris.  But once migrated over the attachments turned into att*.dat when received on the client end but only if the filename exceeded 61 characters long.  The file can be renamed with .zip extension and opens just fine.

Does anyone have any ideas why that would be and how I could fix that so it sends the file without it being converted to att*.dat?
1 year ago

I am building a web service which has a wsdl that uses xsd:choice elements in the schema. I am wondering if choice is WS-I compliant?

Thanks in advance,
9 years ago

I am using WebLogic workshop xmlbeans in my application. The XMLs I am creating contain namespaces and it seems that namespaces are being declared multiple times within child tags.

<ord rderRetrievalResponse xmlns rd="ca/bell/oms/orderretrieval">
<oms:receivedDateTime xmlns ms="ca/bell/oms/autotype/omscommonresponse">2007-03-22T10:34:07.218-04:00</oms:receivedDateTime>
<oms:transactionIdentifier xmlns ms="ca/bell/oms/autotype/omscommonresponse">testOr</oms:transactionIdentifier>
<oms rocessedDateTime xmlns ms="ca/bell/oms/autotype/omscommonresponse">2007-03-22T10:34:07.218-04:00</oms rocessedDateTime>
<oms:responseSystem xmlns ms="ca/bell/oms/autotype/omscommonresponse">OmfOrderRetrieve</oms:responseSystem>
<oms:successIndicator xmlns ms="ca/bell/oms/autotype/omscommonresponse">Success</oms:successIndicator>

The namespace xmlns ms="ca/bell/oms/autotype/omscommonresponse" is defined within each tag. Is there a way to clean this up so that the namespace is declared once at the root?
11 years ago

Found this error in our weblogic 8.1 server logs:

####<26-Jul-2005 12:10:57 o'clock PM EDT> <Info> <EJB> <dc2cbf> <onta3> <ExecuteThread: '64' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default'> <
<anonymous>> <> <BEA-010051> <EJB Exception occurred during invocation from home: ca.cgi.ebccs.common.customerprofile.CustomerProfil
eControllerBean_t6ru5c_LocalHomeImpl@1bd2497 threw exception: java.util.NoSuchElementException: Vector Enumeration
java.util.NoSuchElementException: Vector Enumeration
at java.util.Vector$1.nextElement(
at oracle.toplink.internal.descriptors.ObjectBuilder.extractPrimaryKeyFromRow(Unknown Source)
at oracle.toplink.internal.descriptors.ObjectBuilder.buildObject(Unknown Source)
at oracle.toplink.queryframework.ObjectLevelReadQuery.buildObject(Unknown Source)
at oracle.toplink.queryframework.ReadObjectQuery.execute(Unknown Source)
at oracle.toplink.queryframework.DatabaseQuery.execute(Unknown Source)
at oracle.toplink.queryframework.ReadQuery.execute(Unknown Source)
at oracle.toplink.publicinterface.Session.internalExecuteQuery(Unknown Source)
at oracle.toplink.threetier.ServerSession.internalExecuteQuery(Unknown Source)
at oracle.toplink.threetier.ClientSession.internalExecuteQuery(Unknown Source)
at oracle.toplink.publicinterface.Session.executeQuery(Unknown Source)
at oracle.toplink.publicinterface.Session.executeQuery(Unknown Source)
at oracle.toplink.publicinterface.Session.executeQuery(Unknown Source)
at ca.cgi.ebccs.common.dsl.OmegaDslService.executeQuery(
at ca.cgi.ebccs.common.dsl.TopLinkService.executeQuery(
at ca.cgi.ebccs.common.customerprofile.CustomerProfileControllerImpl.checkValidNPA_NXX(

It happened on numerous transactions. After bouncing the servers the errors went away. Any ideas?

[ July 27, 2005: Message edited by: Emily Sit ]
13 years ago

does anyone know if Oracle9iAS Toplink 9.0.3 is compatible with Oracle8i?


13 years ago
Hi nevermind, I found someone else who was able to access my console fine. I need to upgrade my JVM. thanks for your help!

13 years ago
Using the VM test url it says I am using
Vendor: Microsoft Corp.
Version: 1.1.4
OS: Windows NT
OS version: 5.1

I don't think it's my IE VM though, because someone else accesing my console on their machine, they couldn't see the applet either.

Could I possibly be missing something in my classpath? I did not use the weblogic configuration wizard to create a new startWeblogic.cmd. I just migrated my 6.1 application to 8.1.

Here is my startup call:
C:\bea81\user_projects\domains\mydomain>"C:\bea81\JDK142~1\bin\java" -hotspot -Xms96m -Xmx256m -Xdebug -Xnoagent -Djava.compiler=NONE -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,address=3999,suspend=n,server=y -classpath ".;C:\bea81\jdk142_05\workshop\lib\tools.jar;C:\bea81\weblogic81\common\lib\msbase.jar;C:\bea81\weblogic81\common\lib\mssqlserver.jar;C:\bea81\weblogic81\common\lib\msutil.jar;C:\bea81\weblogic81\common\lib\;C:\bea81\weblogic81\common\lib\;C:\bea81\wljam5.1\lib\jam.jar;C:\bea81\weblogic81\common\lib\flux.jar;C:\bea81\weblogic81\common\lib\;C:\bea81\weblogic81\common\lib\xerces2.jar;C:\bea81\weblogic81\common\lib\jaxb1.0.2\\jaxb-api.jar;C:\bea81\weblogic81\co mmon\lib\jaxb1.0.2\\jaxb-impl.jar;C:\bea81\weblogic81\common\lib\jaxb1.0.2\\jaxb-libs.jar;C:\bea81\weblogic81\common\lib\jaxb1.0.2\\jaxb-xjc.jar;C:\bea81\weblogic81\common\lib\jaxb1.0.2\\jax-qname.jar;C:\bea81\weblogic81\common\lib\jaxb1.0.2\\jta-spec1_0_1.jar;C:\bea81\weblogic81\common\lib\jaxb1.0.2\\namespace.jar;C:\bea81\weblogic81\common\lib\jaxb1.0.2\\xsdlib.jar;C:\bea81\weblogic81\common\lib\jaxb1.0.2\\relaxngDatatype.jar;C:\bea81\JDK142~1\lib\tools.jar;C:\bea81\WEBLOG~1\server\lib\weblogi c_sp.jar;C:\bea81\WEBLOG~1\server\lib\weblogic.jar;C:\bea81\WEBLOG~1\common\eval\pointbase\lib\pbserver44.jar;C:\bea81\WEBLOG~1\common\eval\pointbase\lib\pbclient44.jar;C:\bea81\JDK142~1\jre\lib\rt.jar;C:\bea81\WEBLOG~1\server\lib\webservices.jar" -Dweblogic.Domain=mydomain -Dweblogic.Name=myserver -Dweblogic.ProductionModeEnabled=false "\bea81\WEBLOG~1/lib/weblogic.policy" weblogic.Server
13 years ago

I am using IE version 6.0.2800 on Windows XP. I have the jdk1.4.2.05 that came with my weblogic 8.1. I also have an instance of weblogic 6.1 on my machine with jdk1.3.1
13 years ago
Hi all,

When I load up the weblogic server console, the applet on the left side does appear, but does nothing when clicked.

Does anyone know the reason why? thanks!

13 years ago