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Recent posts by Anu satya

I have a requirement:
I have two Lists:
1. Student List (with subject info)
2. Subject List.(with student info)

I need to display the contents as given below:

1. All the students who are studying subject 'maths' -- search by Math
2. all the subjects studied by a student 'Jhon' -- search by Student

how do i achieve it. I need to design a solution. But wondering how to desing it.
10 years ago
String is immutable. So,
if you say

both a and b points to same foo" in the memory. But, when you declare a string with 'new', as in c, It will not refer to the same object in the memory.
It will create a new object and points to that.
you can test a and c with == operator.

here is the code:
10 years ago
Thanks Tsang,
I have already tried all the google options.
But, struck at one point. That is:

1. For Hibernate, Is it possible to call a stored Procedure which accepts 2 input parameters and 2 output parameteres?

Can you please help me with this?

I am new to Hibernate.
I have an application where stored procedure needs to be called from Hibernate 3 using
NamedQuery as given below. I am using oracle as DB. my stored procedure Name is: 'storedprocedure_test'

My question:
1. I am getting error as:

but, when i run that Stored procedure in DB, i am getting proper result.
Can anyone please help me how to execute the NamedQuery ?

my stored procedure is having two input parameters and two output parameters

Any one please help. I searched a lot in google but, no luck.
1. I have a requirement, I have to store a number with 20 digits in it to a variable . which data type do i need to use?
2. I need to also store a number with 11 digits in it to a variable. Which data type i need to use here?

10 years ago
Thanks for the reply.
I learn that ArrayList is fast for indexed access.
what if i need to iterate through complete collection (search) ? which one is fast?
for example, my collection object is having all the employee names in it. I need to search for a particular(unique) name say "JHON", which one is more efficient and fast?
Which collection to use to print all the names where first name is JHON? there might be multiple employees with first name as JHON.

Can any one please help?
10 years ago
I have a requirement to fetch all the records in the DB, in an order.
Once it is stored in the collection object, It should be fast to access those records..
So, which collection class i need to use ? which collection class is fastest ?

please help
10 years ago
Thanks all for the reply.

My requirement: 1. Only string-valid, string with = valid and String with & valid. Any special chars other than = & in the string is invalid.
10 years ago
Hi I have a requirement where, I need to check the string for the presence of = and &. If these two are present, then, Print, String is valid.
Else I need to print string is invalidHow to frame the design for this?
10 years ago
Thank you for your reply.
I have already done with the coding of analyzing the string and putting it into different String Array.
My problem is for Validation. How to validate each segment ?

Price is with in Veg Segment. Veg Segment is with in Meals.
So, first i need to validate the Meals. IF validation fails there, no need to validate other items.
If validation for Meals is success, Then it should move to veg segment to validate. how to do this....I want to way to call the validation process......
10 years ago
Hi all,
I have a strange requirement.

I have a String like: Meals(veg(soup&starters(price=40 || 50))nonveg(seaFood)delivery=parcel || ready_to_eat)

I parse this string and put all the values with in veg to a string array

String[] veg = {soup,starters}
String[] nonveg = {seafood}
String[] delivery={parcel,ready_to_eat}

Now, my question is:
I need to validate these values.
Meals = it should be validated against uppercase or lowercase, and correct spelling. if it fails, no need to validate other stuff.

If Meals is validated succssfully, I need to validate veg in such a way that:
veg should have only soup and starters with in that. nothing else.
if it has veg(salad) then, the validation should fails and send "fail" as response.

Is there a best design to do this ? My desing as follows:

My problem is how to call the methods or the sequence of methods? so that the complete Order String is validated.
do i need to put the method calls in if...else or in switch statement or is there any other way? I want the best desing for this issue.

Please help me?
10 years ago
I am trying to iterate the hash Map. But, I am getting error at "for loop" please help.
I want the each value in the arraylist and do some string manipulation.

Please help
10 years ago
I am trying to declare a string array and initialize it with some values. But, while doing so, I am getting error as "Syntax error on token ";" { expected after this token"
I am not understanding where i am going wrong. Please help me.

Please help
10 years ago
Hi I have Maven 2.0.9 and I am trying to configure it.
When i am trying to build my project, I am getting error as:

Can any one help? PLEASE
11 years ago
Thanks all. My problem is fixed.

11 years ago