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Recent posts by Derika Francis

Hi guys,
I need a solution asap. I want to ensure that 1 & only 1 client can post to my jsp/servlet. Given Servlet A, Servlet B or any other client on the same machine as Servlet A can post to A. In others words, I need to be able to stop users from saving an html client to the desktop and posting to Servlet A. This is really important.

[ May 19, 2005: Message edited by: Bear Bibeault ]
17 years ago
Does anybody know how to find the registration id to access Sun's Db because I hope its not the one we used to access the test because I don't have that id anymore. All I have is the test confirmation email? an ideas
I received my voucher to via email. It said this:


As previously mentioned, we are sending you a voucher number on SUN's behalf, in appreciation for your participation in the SCJP 5.0 Beta exam. We apologize for the delay, as we had originally planned to have these numbers sent out by March 31st. Please note the voucher redemption rules listed below:

- This voucher is valid for 75% off the regular price of any SUN exam.

- This voucher may not be redeemed UNTIL July, 1, 2005. After July 1, 2005, you may contact Prometric to redeem your voucher and schedule an exam date.

- This voucher expires on June 30, 2006.

- This voucher is non-transferable, and may not be used by anyone other than you.

Your voucher number is:

If you have any questions, please reply to this note.

*SCJP 5.0 Beta exam results - We expect that the Beta analysis and scoring will be completed by approximately April 25, 2005. At that time, we will send you instructions on how to check your final score. If you are already familiar with logging into the I7 database at

<>;, you may check for your score, which should be posted by approximately April 25, 2005. You will also be receiving a hardcopy score report, which will be mailed to your address on file in the I7 database. You should receive your hardcopy score report by May 15, 2005.

Now what do I do with this voucher? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!
I'm lost. I know there is someway to filter. There has to be logically. But I guess I just don't know enough to do it. Thats why I came to the big guns for help. For instance post to Logic distates for me to parse the string of the server veriable (if there is such a variable) to tell me the identity ( ) of the object posting to my response page to see if its a legal client. But does java provide me with a mechanism for doing this?

Help!!! said the kid.
17 years ago
I have some html clients created by some very old cgis posting data to a JSP/servlet. Now this JSP/servlet is open to the entire world, but I want only those certain cgis to be able to post to it. In other words, I don't want users to create their own forms and post my jsp/servlet. The clients can only be the clients that reside on machine. Its very important that this doesn't happen. Does anyone know if there is a way to identity to client in jsp or stop others from posting to your servlet in JSP.

Thanks in advance.
17 years ago
Hello people,

I guess I'm here to do the following :
1)Vent a little anger about the Tiger Exam '
Anybody else thought that it was lame to not even tell the developer how many questions were right/total after 5 hours of testing. I was like 'noooooo'. And while I understand the logic (Sun doesn't what the passing score is, what questions Sun will keep etc), I was very dissappointed. So here's my suggestion for future beta test "Give us a percentage right/total not pass/fail". I guess I'm upset because I still have no idea how I did on a test that I took over 3 weeks ago (Feb 28). I come to the site everyday for hope.
2) Attempt to understand how scoring/reimbursement works.
I was under the impression that we just paid $49 to Prometric versus paying approx. two bucks for the test. Is Sun going to send me a check? :-)

3) Get some java 5.0 ?'s answered by our experts on the java ranch
a) Did any of you think that the exam was 50% really easy versus 50% really hard?
b) I've been building java applications since Java 1.1 and I felt I got a few answers wrong because of assumptions I made based on previous versions of Java like the "private static void main ?" urrrrrrrrgh. I don't think tricky questions like that should be on the test.
c) I wonder why bit manipulations were on the test? Has anyone ever used them in there profession?
d) Anybody thought the drag & drop enviroment needed improvement?
e) 5 hours to take the test. With all that tracing. It needed to more like 7, just so we could leave comments.

PS. I just want to say "Even though I sound bitter, I love Java. I have been using it to design applications for universities and banks since 1998. Java & I are married for life"