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Recent posts by Kalyana Sundaram

Thanks for the reply Varun.

Well, I dont have access to the server.
All I have is this TNS entry with me in my oracle client.

Connection got established with DB-Vizualiser but not with Eclipse.
Hence the Real problem is in Eclipse configuration. ....

In New Connection Profile
I filled in the details for SID, Host, Port Number, UserName, Password
This formed the connection url automatically


When I tried to test the connection after creating the profile, I got the following error

Listener refused the connection with the following error:
ORA-12505, TNS:listener does not currently know of SID given in connect descriptor
The Connection descriptor used by the client was:

I got the same kind of problem while configuring DBVizualizer
However in DBVizualizer, it connected properly when I gave the tnsentry itself in the connection url, for example

Is it possible to create a new connection profile in Eclipse using the connection url like the one mentioned above.
Please let me know if anyother information is required to resolve this...

Thanks a lot for your interests in answering this query.

In Eclipse Ganymede, using the Data Tools Platform Project, I tried creating a profile.
Although I gave database host, database name, schema and password, I am unable to establish the connection.

However I am able to connect to the same DB using DB visualizer by directly giving the entry in tnsnames.ora
Is it possible to establis the connection in Eclipse DTPP in the same way.

Eclipse Guru's please help...
I am able to add Server Runtime Enviroment in Windows >> Preferences >> Server >> Runtime Environments
I added a New Server Profile directory with the following details.
PORT : 9080
Server Profile : D:\Softwares\IBM\WebSphere\WAS_6.0\profiles\default
Cell: PC034Node01Cell
Node : Cell: PC034Node01
server name : server1

However, If I try to start the WebSphere server instance, it is giving the following error.
Server IBM WebSphere v6.0 at failed to start.

All I need is to Run/Deploy my Application into WebSphere V6.0 using Eclipse 3.4.1
Any pointers is appreciated.
Thanks for your time.
11 years ago
In my project, There are large size of Properties files which are used for Internationalization labels and error messages.
(*) What is the best way to organize these files, Considering the Performance

Thanks In Advance.
11 years ago
Can anyone please brief me about resolving JNDI names in EJB3.

Especially I want to know the difference between Environmental naming context and Global JNDI names.

Thanks for your time.
(1) In general, Entities model the Business objects that can be represented as Nouns. Having said that what kind of Business logic may go into it. Because after all Entities are there to represent something and may be transported across networks.

(2) EJB3.0 does not mandate a Entity to be a serializable. In which case how is that can be transported across a network.

Java Gurus please throw some light on this...

-=- Kalyan
I just downloaded the recent Eclipse for Java EE Developers. Thanks a lot for your inputs
Hello there,
Anybody please suggest me the good IDE for SCBCD5 preparation

Thanks in Advance.

-=- Kalyan
Planning to Join the club soon
Any field or property that holds the persistent identity of the entity is annotated with @Id. Is it legal to mark two fields with @Id annotation if in case my requirement is to have two primary keys?

Thanks in Advance !!!
Thanks everybody for your inputs !!!
I going to start with w3schools to get the basic ideas ;)
Which is the best book for learning XML/XSLT?

Thanks in Advance !!!
Perhaps a learning exercise that would give hands on recent java stuff.

Well do you have any idea on choosing Dell Inspiron or Dell Latitude series?

I could not conclude as there are so many configurations in both these series which are built using Core�2 Duo Mobile Processor upto T7700 and 1GB to 4GB RAM.

Thanks for your reply
12 years ago