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I have a problem.
I am running PreparedStatement in batched mode, actually I am using Springs BatchSQLUpdate component.

Now i am creating a batch of about 10000 inserts / updates. However if any single of these inserts / updates fails, it gives exception with DataIntegrityViolation, BadSQLGrammer etc.

I am also maintaining a parallel cache of the values that I am using to bind the preparedstatements.
So for statement 1 in the batch, i know what values are being used.

My question is when the batch update fails, how can we identify which SQL statement, i mean which index in the batch caused the issue?

Please help me as I am stuck and need to build some robust exception handling for PreparedStatement batch loads.

String a = " he\"llo\" ";

The above will work.
15 years ago
Check for file path seperator. In your case, it seems to be the '\' and not the '/' which you are checking.
1. Check what the file path seperator is and store it in a variable.
2. Use this variable to get to the last occurence of the seperator.
15 years ago
IT market in india is not what it was probably last year, or the year before that, people who got jobs at that time got nice fat pay packages, as well as tons of interview calls.
SCJP helps no doubt if not for the certification, but for the nice java basics that you will learn from the preparation.
Best of luck.
15 years ago
How about

Object1 obj = methodToGetInstance();
if(obj == null) {
else {
15 years ago
Would you be kind enough to name the group please?
15 years ago
Hi Chetan,
Are you aware of any forums where this can be taken up. If so then please let me know.

Thanks a lot.
15 years ago
does anyone have any info on [COMPANY] in mumbai, i mean, should this company be a possible oppurtunity?
Please advise.

[Removed company names as per out our policy listed here. --MH]
[ June 09, 2008: Message edited by: Mark Herschberg ]
15 years ago
1. Revise the technologies that you want to work in
2. Appear for certifications to prove to the world that inspite of not working on the technology, you know what it is and have a proof from the creators themselves.
3. Think of taking up some freelancing stuff, to get a hang of how the industry codes, this can be a part of your CV maybe 6 months down the line to help you secure interviews at least.

Best of luck.
15 years ago
In India and shifting jobs, can someone please review the companies below

GlobeOp -
J.P Morgan -
Goldman Sachs
Xoriant -
Ness Technologies -
BNP Paribas
Tech Mahindra

Any information about the above and personal views on each are appreciated, thanks a lot ranchers.
[ June 04, 2008: Message edited by: Niki Nono ]
15 years ago
how do i convert a number to a string, i mean, when someone enters this into a text box, how do i put this into a string?
I have a requirement to be able to support large number amounts, upto 23 digits in javascript and then send it to the server for further processing.
Unfortunately all my efforts end up with the number going scientific with the exponential component coming in.

Can someone please tell me how to handle this so that I maintain the integrity of the value?
I want 99999999999999999999999.99 to remain as is, now it gets converted to
Sai, where are you currently and which sites did you use?
I have 4.5 years experience in Java (SCJP) and PLSQL, currently studying for SCWCD to enhance my skillset.
So what do you think are the possibilities and what route does one need to take?
15 years ago
I am working in a reputed company in Mumbai, India and am looking to change my job.
I was considering the following options
1. Shift to a better salary somewhere in India
2. Search for a job in UK and then move there for some years - Need information on how I start applying for jobs, I know about the HSMP thing, but then how do i apply to companies in the UK sitting in India?
3. Search for a job in Singapore - Same thing, how do i search for a job there sitting in India?
4. Canada and Australia - Same thing.

Basically I want to know how to start the process of searching for jobs overseas, all places except the US since US has the H1 thing which is pretty difficult to get considering the number of applicants.
Please let me know, any links to consultants, etc that someone might have used and are satisfied with their help.

Thanks in advance, looking forward to your replies.
15 years ago

Handle the above in the on click of the radio buttons.
And yes satou is right, how will you click on radio2 once you have clicked on radio1 since it gets disabled.
anyway try the above and see if it works for you.