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Recent posts by Andr� Salvati

The answer is hard-work: build prototypes and use simulators and tools like JMeter until defining project architecture.
Use JDBC. This way you can better explore driver resources for big amount of data.
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but it arrises some issues:

1 - Why Richard Monson-Haefel has written books about EJB 3.0 and Java EE5?

2 - Today, is there a better option than Java EE for enterprise platforms?
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I agree with you. It's "subtle". I think this is not a good explanation for choice D.

"The site is an online auction site with bids being placed at different times. This implies that transactions will need to be handled at a very fine level of granularity therefore Bean Managed Transactions is the most appropriate choice. "
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Yes, EJB is a good option... with EJBs your application server abstracts security, transaction and persistence services.
Thanks Theodore,

Originally posted by Theodore Casser:
... only 1% of all Java cert exams are the SCEA, ...

This means that just 1% of all Sun Certified Professionals are SCEA? Do you know some data per country?

I'm a lot confused about the spec wich I must study for Part I. In SCEA FAQ i've got:

"Early in 2003 Sun announced a beta exam for J2EE 1.4, however at the time J2EE 1.4 was not finalised, and the beta exam was put on hold until after J2EE 1.4 was finalised - this happened in late 2003, so it is possible that Sun may release the beta for the new exam sometime in 2004."

- Mark Cade has a book covering J2EE 1.4. Has Sun released the beta exam? And the regular exam? Am I supposed to study for EJB 1.1 (It's so old-fashioned!!!)?

- There is a final spec for JEE 5. How much time will Sun spend to release this update?

- Could I use latest specs in Parts II/III ?


I understand your point...

but we were talking about POJOs... are DTOs = POJOs?
Just a example.

Imagine a Declaration which has Accounts. There is an attribute linking a Declaration to its Accounts (idAccount).

I was thinking of something like this for a Use Case named "Conclude Declaration's Accounts":

This way:

FACADE -> DeclarationDAO (Find)
FACADE -> DeclarationPOJO
For each Account:
FACADE -> AccountDAO (Find)
FACADE -> AccountPOJO (state change)
FACADE -> AccountDAO (Update)

Are These your ideas?

I think it's necessary some behavior inside Pojo classes. For example: There could be several validations inside setState method of Pojo Account.
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Originally posted by Samuel Pessorrusso:

This would work for logged customers, what about not logged customers or users without profiles ?

Besides, doing this you would use much resources in you business tier for users that are just curious about your site and won't buy anything.


[ June 23, 2006: Message edited by: Samuel Pessorrusso ]

Ok. You could put the state in a HttpServletSession, before service invocation. This is a lighter design than the first one I've suggested.
[ June 26, 2006: Message edited by: Andr� Salvati ]
I think this is a more architectural issue.

Could some administrator move this topic to SCEA forum!?


I meant "dependency" as a calling dependency.

Thanks for your help.
[ June 24, 2006: Message edited by: Andr� Salvati ]

I'm building a project with EJB (Stateless Sessions) and POJOS in my domain layer. I'm acessing DAOs directly from FACADEs when I want to build objects from repository. Arrows show dependeces between layers:

FACADE (Session Bean) -> DAO
FACADE (Session Bean) -> POJO

Another solution would be put static methods inside my POJOS, as showed below. This way, I'd disappear with my FACADE -> DAO dependency.

FACADE (Session Bean) -> POJO

Which one is better? Which one do u like? Which one do u dislike? Why?


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