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Recent posts by l madhu

hi friends,
i have some problem with JLabel zooming...

i have a JPanel with image as background and i am adding JLabel s dynamically to the JPanel. i have to move the JLabel on the image so i added mouse listener to JLabel. now i want to add zooming functionality to the JJPanel.

now if zoom out JPanel everything works well but JLabel mouse listener location is not changing so if i move mouse over JLabel its not activating listener - i need to move the mouse to original location when its 100% zoom to activate the listener. how can i correct this ?

while i am zooing label also zooming in and out. its only the location of mouse listener.

ex: its positioned at (100,100) while its 100% zoomed , when its zoom out to 50% label and image is zoom out but when i move mouse over label its not firing mouse listener but when i move mouse to (100,100) its firing listener and i am able to move the label. just check my code you guys can understand it.

i know its may be a simple thing i missed.

here is example code,
11 years ago
hi friends, i am able to print both html and images in a single batch .. but still i have one problem, i am using below code to check whether html page is loaded or not


but its not working some times - especially when html file contains images <img src=" ">.. is there any other way to find page loading is finished or not ?
[ April 07, 2005: Message edited by: l madhu ]
13 years ago

i am working on printing multiple html and images(png) in a single batch.. i am able to print all in a single batch if html files are single page files but if they are multipage files i am unable to print them. i am rendering html to a JEditorPane. i can print multiple multipage html files in a single batch but unable to do html files and images in a single batch ..

anyone can help me ?
thanx in advance -if you want i can provide code
13 years ago