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Internet Development

Career Development


Work-Life Balance

Do you want to work for a company that will actively encourage you to stay on the leading edge? Do you want to work with a peer group that is second to none in technology?

If you enjoy a supportive environment where your abilities are recognized and your efforts make a difference, then we invite you to learn more about the exciting Consultant opportunities with Software Architects, Inc.

About the Role
As a Consultant, your responsibilities include full life cycle application development using Web related technologies like Java and .net. Our projects focus on E-business, Internet, and wireless environments. Flexibility, a positive attitude, and a professional image are critical, as the business application and nature of each assignment will vary from client to client. Your commitment to providing quality service is essential. We seek achievers who desire to excel in a highly visible team environment, but who can also work independently. A strong technical background and a continued desire to use technology to achieve business objectives is the foundation upon which we�d like to help you cultivate your career. Consultants can expect to enhance both their technical and their leadership skills through various roles and increasing responsibility on different projects. This is a full-time, salaried position that includes salary plus overtime, outstanding growth opportunities, leading technology, and comprehensive benefits. Joining the softball team is not a requirement, but we could use some offense. [b]

Some skills that make a good consultant:
� 2-8 years of experience with C++, Java, Unix J2EE, .net, C#,, or
� Experience with, XML, Microsoft IIS
� Solid Knowledge of the Object-Oriented methodology
� 2+ years experience coding using SQL Server, preferably SQL 2000
� BS or MS in Computer Science or other programming-heavy major

SARK, a division of Software Architects, is looking for people to join our team and help take the company and their career to the next level. If you prefer to work side by side with the industries best and want to focus on exciting new technology projects, join our fast-paced group of emerging technologies professionals. Work with leading edge technologies, pursue challenging new career opportunities, and learn from others who have skills that complement yours.

For more information about our projects, culture, philosophy, and future, check out [].

** We are unable to offer Visa sponsorship at this time **

To apply send resume and salary requirements to:


[B]Internet Development
Career Development TrainingWork-Life Balance
16 years ago