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Recent posts by sarang bharambe

Dear All,

I wonder whether the jar file verioning mechanism exist or not similar to cab files?

I want to maintain Jar file versioning so that only new components(ie jar files) are present always.

Is there any tool by which I can maintain it while jar creation?
Also how can I find out the existing version of a jar file?

Urgent help is appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance
sarang bharambe
13 years ago
Dear All,

Can anybody give me links for the details of the new features in Java 5.0.
I want brief description of new features along with the tutorials.
or is there any good book available for the new features only(excluding part covered in SCJP1.4)

Thanks in advance
sarang bharambe
Ya thats correct!! HFSJ mock exam is bit tough!!
but the reason is, the number of answers to choose is not given..

One thing I forget to tell that Reading Specs will definately help in the exam which unfortunately I have not done and when I understand this thing there was no time left.
So I recommand specs for those who are currently preparing!!

thanks once again.......

sarang bharambe
Hello Ranchers,

I passed SCWCD1.4 with 86% this morning.
Thanks to HFSJ and
Both are highly useful resources for the Exam preparation.

Other resources that I used are SCWCD preparation guide bu Hanumant Deshmukh
It is for those who like to study in the old way(new way is defined by HFSJ)

The only problematic thing I observed is lack of quality mock exams for SCWCD1.4.

Only Final mock exam in HFSJ give you a feel of actual exam.

Thanks again for all the ranchers for solving my queries from time to time.

sarang bharambe

classic tags can have scripting in it's body.
so this
<%! int i%>
is possible.
and you have to use <body-content>JSP</body-content> in the DD for the tag.

I would like to add one more to this: Service locator
Reading HFSJ,I am getting confused between Service locator and business delegate. Seems like there is very minute difference between these three.

Can anybody throw more light on it???

sarang bharambe
hey friends,

What if I have :


In DD, and I do setMaxInactiveInterval(2400)(ie 40 minutes) for my session object?

After how long would session expire?

thanks in advance
sarang bharambe
Dear all,

I found following question in one of the mocks:

You have implemented two different online shopping applications deployed as two separate web applications. You have stored a shopping cart object of the same class type in the session object of each application to track which products a customer has selected.
Given the scenerio, how would you retrieve the session object that is associated with a customer from both web applications so that the same shopping cart object can be shared between the two applications?

So the first question that came to mind is Can two web applications have access to same session object?

can anybody throw light on this?

Thanks in advance.
sarang bharambe
Hello friends,

In one of the mock exams I found a question as:

Which of the following XML elements should be present in a deployment descriptor of a web application so that it can be distributed accross multiple JVMs?


1. <distributable/>
2. <distributable>true</distributable>
3. <distributed/>
4. <distributed>true</distributed>
5. <distribute>true</distribute>

The answer is 1.

But where can I find more info regarding this DD element??
It is not there in HFSJ or manning

Thanks in advance

sarang bharambe

The container must accept objects that implement the Serializable interface.

my question is ,
is it true that:

The container accept objects that must implement the Serializable interface.

sarang bharambe
Dear All,

In the Session Management chapter(chapter 6) of HFSJ, the question no 12 has one option as:
When a session is moved from one JVM to another, attribute values that implement will be transfered to the new JVM

This option is correct.

But I am not able to understand the fact that, if my attribute does not implement then will it be transfered to other JVM or not?

can ony one throw more light on this topic in general??

thanks in advance.

sarang bharambe
Dear All,

vector and hashtable are threadsafe classes.

can anyone explain how they are implemented internally?

lets say...

I have two threads,one adding element to the vector object and other removing from the same.In this case, does the data integrity be sustained?How??

or do I need to explicitly synchronised the code for this???

Thanks in advance

sarang bharambe
Hey friends,
I am confused about all this discussion.

Actually the handwritten note on the page 416 in HFSJ says,
the tag body executes ONLY if a new bean is created....

But when is the new bean is created??
Is it when,<jsp:useBean> tag is encountered or anytime else?

Can anyone throw light on this?

Thanks in advance

Sarang bharambe