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arun shanmugam kumar

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Recent posts by arun shanmugam kumar

Well.. i have updated .. Now can anyone reply to my original post

Hello ranchers,

I am planning to take the Weblogic portal 10g developer certification that was newly revamped into oracle certification track.
Can anyone please suggest any study material and mock exam simulator for the same.
Also please tell me the number of weeks required to get a good score in this exam.
Is the pdf documentation in the e-docs website enough and sufficient to get a good score in this exam?

Please help me in this regard.

Thanks in Advance,

I have written a servlet which connects to oracle server and executes a query which runs for more than 4 min. Actually there are 9 queries and each might take 4 min to complete ... They all run in a separate thread.
When it was running i suddenly get ORA-08176: consistent read failure; rollback data not available.All the 9 queries are select statement.

Can some one explain why the error and how to solve it through java.

Thanks in advance.
14 years ago
I have a filter page written in jsp and when i click submit it gives a list page with two frames.
Now the right frame has a back button on click of which i need to again go to the filter page.
Now the problem is when i click the back button the filter is loaded onto the right frame itself .But what i want is the filter page should load in one full window rather than in the second frame. For this i need to collapse or delete
the left frame. All the pages are generated using jsp with lots of javscript code.
I also make it to work in both mozilla and IE6,7.
Can any one please give me some pointer on this ?

Thanks in advance!
The option says the value of vector variable will be assigned to attr but thats false.
According to the code attr will have the value 'vector' and not the contents of vector reference variable.
Thats why option 2 is wrong.

Statement B will not have any effect according to page 46 and 47 of the servlet spec 2.4.

If setContentType method is not called before calling getWriter or if the response is committed then default ISO-8859-1 is used.

When the attribute is request scoped then it will live only for that particular request, unless the request is dispached to another servlet in the container. Here the JSP just returns the page to the client and at that point the request is completed and so do the scope the request attribute ends then and there.

Refer servlet 2.4 spec under the topic The Request and SRV4.10 subsection.
[ March 25, 2007: Message edited by: arun s.k ]

Both is necessary in equal measures eventhough i would personally favour on the side of practising examples given in the book.
Download tomcat and install it. Get servlet spec 2.4 and jsp spec 2.0 and jstl spec 1.0.Read HFSJ every day for atleast an hour and then when you get some doubt first try implementing and cross checking book examples using the tomcat container and then still if you have problems post your query here.

All the best
My opinion is you should take the SCWCD first and then give the SCBCD next. SCWCD concerns with servlets and JSP and JSTL with , web security and some patterns, in the exam objective. SCBCD concerns with EJB. Since servlets and jsp are used to generate dynamic web pages primarily and still developing web pages is a thing that every web developers would be starting with, you should acquint yourself with it. What better ways to do that, than first giving SCWCD a shot?
You can use getAttributeNames() method of the corresponding request object.
It gives an enumeration of all the request attributes attached to that particular request . Consult the servlet API doc in your tomcat directories for further details.
The HFSJ book contins info on which of the API's to concentrate and which one to skip .
Acording to servlet specs and HFSJ:

The container prepares and send both cookie and url rewriting mechanisms to client side to track session.

From the second time onwards

If browser disables cookie then container uses url rewriting, only if encodeURL method is used to encode the url, to track the subsequent requests.

If browser accepts cookie then cookies are used instead of url rewriting.
You can check out the servlet2.4 spec here :

java comunity process servlet download page
You can check out the servlet2.4 spec here :

java comunity process servlet download page