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Recent posts by sona gold

i am working on a project.. first hands on with java. Its a game that i need to develop. if you have seen the game show "who will be the millionaire"
where we have a host and a guest and a question with three options.
and the guest gets to choose one answer.
now i am thinking of using access to store the questions and answers and use java for all the other stuff... the user interface and stuff
i have no clue on how do i make the connection between access and java to read the records
can u people give me an idea
and also
the user interface is given to me as photoshop image coz the color scheme is diffcult to generate in java. how do i use this image with java objects to make it work?
20 years ago
u don't need so many import statements
u can just say*;
20 years ago
please give me some innovating suggestion for marketing a pocket pc.
how can i market a pocket pc to increase the sales
21 years ago
hi guys,
if u were asked to suggest innovative means to market a pocket pc, what would u do?
please give ur suggesstions. one of my friends has been asked to submit this for a job placement.
what better guys than you people to help him out.
21 years ago
nobody here is discussing soccer... whyyyyy???
so u do u think will hold the cup... Brazil or Germany?
21 years ago
how come Randall.. u seem to be having women landing at ur doorstep ..
other day it was that drunk woman.. right?
sorry if i am mistaken
21 years ago
igloo is a good idea
sorry folks.. toronto it is
21 years ago
i will be going to canada for a month in august. Looking for a furnished apartment for a month.. upto 1300 canadian dollars
Anybody renting?
22 years ago
great ...........all solved
22 years ago
tough one...............
one reason is to save urself of diseases
second .... is a question u shd answer for urself.... will u be able to laugh it out.. if you were to share your woman
third .... why shd u get married and take all those vows if you can't stick to one...
fourth ...we are one level above animals.. and thus should be able to control our animal instincts
five .... do you want to have ur family scattered all over the world.... one son here, one daughter there... ..
six ... this is called civilization... society.. which has some rules and regulations to protect.. the society..
seven ... u will ask why rules, well why do u have rules in Java or any other language...

[ May 15, 2002: Message edited by: sona nagee ]
22 years ago
expand the following
don't go hunting on the net please.. use ur brains java programmers

3 W on a T
23 P of C in the H B
6 B to an O in C
9 L of a C
13 S in the U S F
64 S on a C B
happy quizzing
22 years ago
whatdo u think will happen to us after we die?
22 years ago
what do u think is the purpose of our creation?
22 years ago
yeah i was also thinking... abt this... its not right to put the correct answer so soon.. there might be people who would be wanting to try it out..
any ideas people.. how do we manage this
22 years ago

that was cute
no sona did not forget.. she is abso busy at work..
i need time to find a puzzle for u guys.. and oh yes by the way... u won't find a puzzle from me on thursdays and fridays as it is weekend here in the middle east.. and i am online only when i am at work
i will be back soon
22 years ago