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Lucy Hummel

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since Apr 07, 2005
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Recent posts by Lucy Hummel

Hi John,

Great! My best wishes for the next two steps.

May I ask to tell us if the number of right questions are mentioned or do we have to guess how many questions have to be ticked?

15 years ago
How about you check
  • and if you study what the assignment in detail requests and decide if you could deliver successful a solution
  • what are the objectives and decide by your own if you are familiar with the topics.

  • Hi,

    I just wonder if the exam tells me how many answers are correct.

    There exists already some topics related to this issue.

    For example Scjp 1.6

    I started reading this book and I think that the authors wrote so that you do not fall asleep. That is why I like it.

    My colleague does not like this style. She prefers literature that are similiar to JavaDoc and not like comics.

    To stress each person might have his/her opinion.
    Hi Karthik,

    The link send already by Kelvin provides already information about the SCJP 5.

    Feel free to search yourself
    Hi Manjunath,

    I just to start reading and learning Java Programmer topics and faced that your login name does not apply our name policy.

    May I ask you to change your name according the policy above?

    But let see, if I start now without any books.

    I wait for more then two years now ....
    Hi Mark,

    One point to you.

    After some time I came to the conclusion why I lost so much point in the GUI part.

    In case the client wants to exit the application or book a record, always a window pops up that asks

    Do you really want to do tha???

    I think that is the reason why I lost points. But you know, nobody is going to tell me the reason.

    17 years ago
    Hi Ken,

    In case you want to just show the record in the tabular, or a find is runnin, then I did just logging.

    In case the client GUI shows old data, and the client selects the record to book it, a window opens to tell the client:
    Upps, sorry! The record is vanished.

    Is that what you requested.

    Because of personal problems, I can not answer the next two weeks any questions.

    Sorry, CU in weeks.
    17 years ago
    Hi Ken,

    You are right, I might vanish from the forum and start to dig in a new forum to learn new/differnt stuff.

    So you stated that your test stops, if an exception is thrown.

    I do not see the point. Junit can handle exception for example

    The above test case only passes if RecordNotFoundException. In all other cases the test case fails.

    How looks your test case to test RecordNotfoundException?

    Br, Lucy
    17 years ago

    After more then one month waiting my result were published today.

    Please see passed list

    Thanks for the great discussions and I wish all the best to each of you.

    May I ask you not to ask me why I did not get that much points for my gui?! BTW, it was my first gui after more then 10 years on server side programming ...

    I submitted my assignment on 15-May-07, my questionare was on 18-May-07, my result are published today ( 25-Jun-07)

    Here my result:

    Section Summary:

    Section Max Actual Points
    Points General Con: 100 92
    Documentation: 70 70
    OOD: 30 30
    GUI: 40 28
    Locking: 80 80
    Data Store: 40 40
    Network Server: 40 30
    Total: 400 370

    Thanks for the great discussions I had this time!

    Br, Lucy
    17 years ago
    Hi Michael,

    Weeks ago such question was already raised and the topic was closed since it is not allowed to publish the questions that were asked.

    I suggest search in the forum and you are finding some hints.