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Sorry the code project is here

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[ June 15, 2005: Message edited by: Jeanne Boyarsky ]
Well thanks all esp 4 Mark Splitzer(coz for remove my topic here, sorry. dunno that have IDE thread ) , Tim Holloway n Tugdual Grall.

Now I can run my servlet in eclipse after asking help from my staff office. He show me step by step.

The step is :-

1) create tomcat project(I'm using eclipse SDK 3.0.1)

click File at menu bar, File > New > Project > choose Tomcat Project, click Next > give project name, click Next > show Tomcat Project Setting(URL address show on your browser), just click Finish.

2) A tomcat project created show a few files like WEB-INF/src, work, WEB-INF
and some sources TOMCAT. servlet files located in WEB-INF/src.

3) create servlet file in WEB-INF/src file

open folder project that created at 1 step, in that folder you can see 2 folders and 4 files. The folder is WEB-INF and work. click WEB-INF to open it.

4) Create XML Document as a path of servlet into the Browser.

example the document

u just need take care the Bold one, it is a path for servlet.

5) run ur server. Open ur local server home page, then extend it by the like this in ur browser.

localhost/project name/ file name

That's all from me. Tq. I'm writing this just for my refences(make this forum as my notes) and who want to starting learning servlet like me.
Hiii....I'm just finish study all tutorial in CodeBarn in this site. At the moment now I want to concentrate on Servlet and JSP. I'm using Eclipse as a tool in writing my code. I'm using this IDE because at my office, java expert using this IDE to do a project.

My question is, anybody know how to Run Servlet in Eclipse. Any body here is expert in Eclipse. Can u explain me step by step to Run the program or u could give me link that teach this thing to me. That's all from me. Tq.

That's why I like do pogramming eventhough I'm not very good. Why I like programming. This is because It give me challenge and satisfied. Challenge because It's very difficult and many my friend say they don't want to be good in JAVA. Satisfied because I'm very happy when I can solve something I dunno.

Well, my problem about why the image is not appear already solve a minute ago. It's just very2x small error. It's extension of type file. I change it from YM02.jpeg into YM02.jpg.

It's so simple. Anyway thanx Manuel Moon cause ask me a question esp the 1st question. Tq very Much.
16 years ago
Tq Manual Moons take regards for this question. Yes, I'm idiot, but just in JAVA only. .

For the first question, the answer is yes. I already located the image same as the class file.

For the second question, I think I paint it before the image is fully downloaded. Below is the full code.

I hope u and everybody else can help me to make appear. That's for now. Tq very much.
16 years ago
Hiii every1...

I'm still study java by doing and understand the tutorial provided by this web site in CodeBarn. At the moment, I'm doing LoadAGif tuturial. Well in this tutorial, i detect 1 mistake there. It's declare the init method

I change it to

everything is OK

But suddenly, image is not display. There're no error. I think it cannot found path of image.

The init() method is like below

I think the error is the Bold One. Can anybody fix this problem to me.
I'm really appreciate it if u could help me in this problem. Any problem u just refer it on LoadAGif file in CodeBarn..
16 years ago
Thanx Nigel Browne for that statements. I already read it but still not get it . . For ur info, I'm not really good in english. But this one it seem so complicated to understand. I want to know what concept are using in Thread No Sleep and Thread Sleep. By the way thanx.

Well for Sanju Thomas, the complete code u can see it in Code Barn that provide from this Javaranch Web Site. The code is HelloThreadTwo and HelloThreadTwoNoSleep. I'm already looking for that codes. What's the different between this code is like what i write below

for HelloThreadTwo

public void run()
// this run method will repeat 10 times
for (int i=0 ; i<=10 ; i++ )
myList.add (Thread.currentThread().getName() + " is running");
catch(InterruptedException e)

}// close for loop

myList.add (Thread.currentThread().getName() + " is running");

}// close run

for HelloThreadTwoNoSleep

public void run()
//this run method will repeat 10 times
for(int i=0;i<10;i++)
myList.add(Thread.currentThread().getName() + " is running");

}//close for loop
myList.add(Thread.currentThread().getName() + " is done");
}//close run()

from this, what i can the say the different between this 2 code is only in run() method.Do u(Sanju Thomas) know about this or anybody can explain about this for me. That's all. Tq.
Hiii every one!

Actually I'm study java code with doing coding in Code Barn in this web site. There is 2 type of code that make me confuse about using thread. It's HelloThreadTwo and HelloThreadTwoNoSleep. There is explain about Sleep n No Sleep but I cann't see what is the different between them. Yes, it different when u run the two applet, it's different. What make me confusing is the concept using Thread Sleep n No Sleep. Can anyone who is understand this concept explain to me. All of ur corporation i'm realy2 appreciate it. tq.
Thanks a lot Manual Moon and KJ Reddy.
After I modify the code what u're ask me to write.

Then some error happen ..the statement make error is

myList.addItem( Thread.currentThread().getName() + " is running" );


myList.addItem( Thread.currentThread().getName() + " is done" );

I discard word Item....It's running.

I wonder Is it good for me to follow up the tutorial in there. I hope the admin for this site double check the provided tutorial here.
16 years ago
Hiii every body, at the moment I still try make my hand dirty with java code. Actually I'm now practice code provide by this web site. It's Code Barn. Now, I'm doing tutorial "HelloThreadTwo" code. There is some error at there, I check it so many times but still not find the solution for this error. The error is "the constructor List(String) is undefine". The statement that make error is this statement:

myList = new List("Thread info goes here");

I think I already define it on the top like provided example.
The statement that define the constructor is :

private List myList;

Can anybody explain me about this. Is it my error or the code provide by this web site wrong. That's all from me. Tq.
16 years ago
Ooooo ic. Now I got it. Thanks for that info.
16 years ago
Thank u guys..U all are very kind person. Now I can see the way how I want to master in Java. Firstly, I wonder what's HF=Head First book, It's a name for book that we do as a reference right. Is it I'm right?...

Now it's time for me to make a step and change strategy to learn Java by myself. Thanks for Tim Mahoney for give me the web site link's, And tq very much who's suggest me to study by book like sandip pol, m brown and varma dandu. I'll try to find out that book and try to compare which one suitable with me and easy to learn by myself.

And I'm also want to say special tq for Adam Vinueza and Jimmy Die. I think both of u are expert in java right and very active in this forum right? Tq very much because spent time for me to write a long reply for me. May be both of u can be my Mentor or sifu. Can u?? ...Hem it's time for me to make my hand dirty with java coding.. I'll tell u all my progress every time and make JR as my main reference. Tq guys..
16 years ago
Hiii every body, this is my 1st post in this forum. Actually I'm not really new in java. But until now I still cannot do even a simple code by myself in java. For your information I already finish my study in degree and at the moment I'm in training scheme doing practical training at a company. It's open source company where is main language is using java(with eclipse) and mySQL. I take java at University for the 1st time, but got bad result . Just only pass. After that, I learn java back about in OCtober last year with ex-java programmer from India.At that time it's more detail but I cannot practice at home because don't have pc yet and the way he teach is very fast. And now I forgot back what he teached. OK ...that's is my background in java..

So now, my question is what is step by step to master in Java. One of my friend who is good in java and any OOP language, he said "you must be good in OOP 1st before good in java". Is it right?? . It's already a month I try to understand OOP and Java but still same as before. Can u all give me starting point or step by step how to be good in Java and OOP. U all can give me web site link or anything. I promise I'll study it. For me, I'm really interested in Java but don't know how to study it. This JR site was given by my supervisor who is master in java. He want me learn java by myself. All ur help I'll appreciate very much.

<Hopefully somebody reply my post >

16 years ago