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Recent posts by Anil Chandran

Hi I am back.

Since SPs are stored in DB and thus they are precompiled , will that improve the performance ( Yes, we are building dynamic query inside SP but..)

For normal query we need to do that compilation step. right ?

What you think ?
Thanks for the info.
But I am not convinced :-( . may be because of the info "SP will improve perfromance" is drilled to my head.
Hi All,

I have often heared that SP will improve performance when compared with similar query.Both SP and query as executed from Java ( CallableStmt and prepared Stmt respectively)

But any idea like howmuch % of performance is improved and what all are the factors added to this improved performance?

Only at runtime it can be made sure that the object cant be casted to a string .

Object is a super class of String . So casting an object to string cant cause a compile time error.
17 years ago
To display the messages
<c ut value="${message}"/>
instead of
<bean:write name="message" />

I hope you are using jstl tags

Else use this also in your jso
<%@ taglib uri="jstl/c" prefix="c" %>

in web.xml
17 years ago
doument.yourform.yourRadiButton.checked = false to make the deselection
17 years ago
Can we create objects at compile time?

Or in a simple sense

String s = "hello world" ;

When is the object created ? Runtime or Compile time ?

Thanks in advance

17 years ago
How can it be ?
The class.getMethod() function returns only public methods .
Is there any way that we can get the protectected/private methods(instance of java.lang.reflect.Method) to call setAccessible(true).

So I think there is no way that ,we can access protected member from a nonderived class.
17 years ago
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17 years ago
We need to consider isIdentical() same as equals() method.)
I am using same in the sense we are checking the remote objects for some meaningful equality.( Not same asthe checking for identity using == operator)

So for stateless session bean the the objects coming from the same home are meaningfully equivalent.
For entity bean , if the beans are representing the same entity in DB and we are checking their EJBObjects using isIdentical,they are meaningfully equal.So it will return true.
I also think so :-)
Could you please send the relevant part of the config file also.
17 years ago
Is there any way to hide the password property from datasource in datasouce
That means .
<data-source type="org.apache.commons.dbcp.BasicDataSource">

<set-property property="password" value="anil" />
IS there anyway to avoid setting the value of password in config file as shown above and still I have to get the database connection through this way ?

Anil C S
17 years ago