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Rogerio Kioshi

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Recent posts by Rogerio Kioshi

What are the best softwares to detect code vulnerabilities? In the company I work for, they use .NET framework.
3 years ago
I'd like to know which IDE is recommended for node.js programming.
I've noticed that you've mentioned NoSQL, node.js, jquery, mongodb... what about using Java with SPA? Would you recommend that?

I'd like to know if Hudson is useful in the construction of a Java web app deployed at Google App Engine.

5 years ago
Do you think a good system architect should be a good programmer too?
5 years ago
Hajime no Ippo (currently watching)
Attack on Titan (waiting for season 2)
Kick no Oni
5 years ago
On Glassfish AS administration console, how to encrypt a pool connection configuration password?
5 years ago
Yesterday I saw Gravity... The part I liked the most is when Sandra Bullock is using just underwear... lol
5 years ago
Could you explain a little bit about "Project Coin"?
5 years ago
What Hudson's most important features can contribute to cloud apps development?
5 years ago
Do you like giant robots fighting with monsters? Pacific Rim is a funny movie:
5 years ago

Kees Jan Koster wrote:Dear Rogerio,

It should just work for any version of Glassfish. Actually, it should work for any servlet container. It is being used in production on Tomcat, Jetty, Resin, JBoss and Glassfish.

Let me know if it does not seem to work.

Kees Jan

Ok... but posting the promotion in Tomcat room, it seems Java-Monitor only works in Tomcat...
5 years ago