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Recent posts by mohana krishna

Hi Tim Holloway,

Thanks for your reply.
I tried setting visibility to buttons and layouts but still the same issue.
Please find the below updated code.

3 months ago

My requirement is creating buttons dynamically.

I want to create buttons dynamically like

Button1  Button2   Button3   Button4

Button5  Button6   Button7   Button8

Button9  Button10  Button11 Button12

Button13 Button14 Button15 Button16

But only first line is displayed.

Button1  Button2  Button3  Button4

remaining buttons are not visible on screen.
Please check the attached screen shot.

My approach is :

Create a parent lay out using XML.

Create a child layout dynamically.
Create four buttons dynamically and add to child layout.
Add child layout to parent layout.

Please find the below code and please help to check what is the exact issue.

3 months ago

Thanks for your reply Tim Moores.

Now i understood the issue.

I want to check the possibility to import "" in styles.xml file.

Now i understood it's not possible.

4 months ago

I am beginner in android development.
For user interface i want to use w3.css,may i know how can we refer "" in styles.xml.
Thanks in advance.

4 months ago
Hi Norm Radder,

Finally i am able to solve the issue , also i am able to read print stack trace.

I modified the code to read status of the response.

With the above code i came to know that request is not reaching the REST web service.
So i modified the URL with the service name with following code modification system is working as expected.

Thanks for your prompt replies.

1 year ago
Hi Norm Radder,

Thanks for your reply.I am getting exception at line number 17 when i run in debug mode.

tried with ex.printStackTrace(); to print stace strace buy i can not see message in Android monitor or Android device monitor log cat.
1 year ago

I am implementing AsyncTask to consume a REST service.
When I invoke the service I am getting the error
Can you please help me what is wrong with this code.

1 year ago
Hi Tim Moores and Pete Letkeman,

Thanks for your time and suggestions.

1 year ago
Hi Pete Letkeman,

Thanks for your reply.

In future, my app has to be implemented in different countries also I may have to store the values for Citi also.

So as per your suggestion, it would be better to use SQLite with web service.

Suppose if there is a new country or State or City added on host how can android app aware about new changes.

I guess solution will be when user open the app a web service call has to be happened to know any new changes is there on the host.

If there are any changes then the host has to indicate that there are some changes on the host.

The app has to consume the respective web service to get the latest details.

Is there will any easy or better solutions than one I have mentioned.

Mohana Krishna.
1 year ago
I wish to create a sign up page i have to display country names and state names.
Country names and state names are static data.
Is it a good idea to store the country names in Strings.xml file or storing in SQLite data base or any better ideas are there to handle cache.
1 year ago

As per servlet-2_4-fr-spec.pdf file. PATH :

"The session-timeout element defines the default
session timeout interval for all sessions created
in this web application. The specified timeout
must be expressed in a whole number of minutes.
If the timeout is 0 or less, the container ensures
the default behaviour of sessions is never to time
out. If this element is not specified, the container
must set its default timeout period."

So If Session-timeout in DD is 0 then session will never expire.
If Session-timeout in DD is 0 then session will never expire
Final HashMap finalHm = new HahMap();

Now we can change the value of KEY "ABC".

But we can not assign a new reference.

finalHm = new HashMap();

If i am wrong please correct me.
7 years ago
1 ) Create a token and store token number and created time in the table.
2) In the link add token as parameter
3 ) When user clicks on the link you check the difference between current time and token created time. If its more than the predefined time iterval show valid erro message to user.
4) Otherwise do a soft delete of the token frm the database.

Dear ranchers if there is any better please provide info
7 years ago
May i know the reason why these jar files should not be keep inside WEB-INF/lib folder.