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I wonder if you face the same challenge that you would face with Flash based content (as far as SEO) with JavaFX-based content.
For a long time, .Net programmers have pointed to Visual Studion.Net as one of the reasons for writing code in C# or VB and not in Java. To be honest, Java has never had a single IDE that's been able to hold its own against its Microsoft counterpart, at least not any that I know of. Now, with .net vs. Java issue still going on, do you forsee the possibility of .Net vs. Java moving towards IDE vs. IDE anytime soon?
I believe under the description of this book on, it is mentioned that this book targets both advanced and novice users. I do not quite understand how this book can be useful to somebody who's an advanced Java developer. I had a chance to skim through the table of contents of this book, and now I am not sure how this book can be useful to some advanced programmer. I mean an advanced programmer usually knows what's ant or how to work with CVS. Figuring these things out shouldn't be difficult for some tech savvy individual. Having said all this, I have the utmost respect for the authors of this book. I think this book is great for a beginner. No doubt about it. Even intermediate programmers can learn from this book. Not sure that's the case for advanced programmers!

"Think global, Act Local"

I like Jtest, but like I said, I use Jbuilder 2006 mainly these days. But man, it just consumes PC resources fast!
Does anybody know if there is going to be any compatibility issue with Java 6 for IDEA users? One of the previous versions had some issues with Java 5.0. Just curious.

Think Global, Act Local

There are many Java IDEs out there. Now, I have used Jbuilder, Eclipse, Jtest, TextPad (if you can call it an IDE) and so on. IDEA IntellJ, when I used it about 2 years ago, was an excellent IDE, but it was no match for Jbuilder or Sun One studio or even NetBeans. Now, I haven't used IDEA products for a while, but has that changed. Where do you think IntelliJ stands today. As somebody who is using Jbuilder, why should I consider switching to IntelliJ?

Thank you.

Think Global, Act Local

That's great. Thank you for clarifying this.
17 years ago
This book targets JSF 1.1 and 1.2? I am not clear about this.
17 years ago
Now, I have read many reviews on Pro JSF and AJAX. Some complain that the book doesn't go deep into either topic. I understand that some Amazon reviewers provide bogus reviews. So, I want to take this opportunity to ask the authors, how is this book going to be help:

1. Somebody who doesn't know any of these technologies.
2. Somebody who knows only one of these technolgies.
3. Somebody who knows both of these technologies.

Thank you!
17 years ago
Hi guys, Does anybody know the answer to the following question?
Which of the following statements regarding exception handling in EJBs are true? Please note this question is not from a real exam.
The bean provider is responsible for performing any clean up actions before throwing a non-application exception.
The container always discards an enterprise bean instance if one of its business methods throws a non-application exception.
A local client cannot continue a transaction if javax.ejb.TransactionRolledbackLocalException is received.
A transaction is automatically rolled back by the container if the client initiated the transaction and the bean's business method resulted in an application exception.
Message-driven bean methods cannot throw application exceptions to the client.
I know there has been a lot of questions regarding the release date of SCBCD 1.4 exam. One of my colleagues told me today that it 'll be no sooner than November 2005 and it could well fall into the next year's plan. I know a couple of books on EJB 3 will come out in October, so will see.
The funny thing is that says SCBCD And SCWCD study kits are to be published in May 2005, a couple of other stores say that they are already published, including, but there is no way you could get it before June 30 from online sources. Maybe I am doing it wrong, but does anybody actually have a hardcopy of this book???
Has anybody here tried the whizlabs for the scbcd exam? Are they any good?
Does anybody know a good study guide for the scbcd then. I mean beside Head First Ejb?

I know this may sound harsh, but if you switch your IDE and you absolutely don't know what to do then you are in the wrong business. For example, even a Visual C# programmer should be able to open up the intellJ and know what to do. I am not saying that he/she should be able to write an advanced remoting application with Java though.