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since Apr 18, 2005
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Recent posts by ken ren

Yes I do both master Mock test and self tests. In fact I think most of master Exam questions get from self test. I do not like master Exam because test screen is too small( BTW real test is full screen). I take four times self test untill I understand all questions and answers
Did you read K&B book which including self test in every chapter? The self-test questions are very closely the real exam which you will take .
if (KB_book_selfTest|| otherbook||otherMockTest)
pass SCJP
16 years ago
Do k&B self-test again and understand every answer including wrong answers
The best way is waiting for K&B for SCJP 1.5 from my passing SCJP 1.4 experience.
Do not worry! My first score is around 70 full length mock exams from K&B because I have not enough time finish test and there are around 10 unanswered question (1:20).so I look for comfortable methods to answer question such as for loop question using two columes
e.g for ( int i=0;i<k;i++) dosomething(i)
i dosomething
0 dosomething(0)
1 dosomething(1)
. .
k-1 dosomething(k-1)
It is easy to answer and check question. BTW, you should ask youeself why the answer is correct and other answers are wrong. This is a key. normally we just care for the correct answer and ingore of wrong answers.Today I took the SCJP and my score is 91. I really do self-test in K&B book again and again. untill I understand every answer no matter what it is wrong or right.
K&B book and self-test is short-cut just like
K&B book=true
if (K&B book||other book||other mock test)
pass test
I took SCJP exam today and My score is 91. I think if you do not want to waste your time and menoy, you should buy a K&B book and do every self-test again and again utill you know why this answer is correct and other answer are wrong. By the way ,you can play "JavaRanch Rule Round-up Game" It is easy to detect your weakness.
1. "Complete Java2 Certification guide(4th edition)" is a little out of date.
2. is too difficult unless you have enough time and want to get very high score.
3. is helpful and difficult level is almost same as easy questions in SCJP exam . I just did 100-question and have not do 400-question.
FYI sometime the compiler may not smart enough. I modify my code.
class MyClass
final static int iFS=100;
final static int iFSX;
final int iNum=100;

public static void main(String []args)
final int i = 100;
byte b = i;
//My code starts here
MyClass mc= new MyClass();
b=mc.iNum // Type mismatch: cannot convert from int to byte
b=iFSX; //Type mismatch: cannot convert from int to byte
b=iFS //it's OK
//My code ends here