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Recent posts by Andrew Bowes

Thanks Mark. Looks like this issue is a hot-potato, this is the 3rd forum that it's been on

I think that the issue may be related to the use of connections from a WebLogic Datasource on an Oracle XA connection pool used with a jUnit Test Case.
16 years ago
Hi Mark

The root cause is :

We are not using JPA. The whole operation is within a single method which is wrapped by a Spring Transactional Proxy and so should be within a single XA transaction and a the Hibernate Session should be open for the duration of the method call.
16 years ago

You have partly answered your own question.

The Bean class should NOT implement the Remote Interface as it should not know that it is being used remotely therefore there should be no references to RemoteExceptions in the definition of the Bean. This will allow you to switch between Local & Remote interfaces with a minimum of effort.
I need to introduce a delay between attempts to delivery the same failed message and I would rather do this as a configuration issue rather than through the construction of an elaborate series of queues.

I am looking for a way to define the Redelivery Delay on a MQ Server. On the jBoss implementation that we are using during our development we can do this by changing the value of "RedeliveryDelay" using the MBean associated with the Queue.

Is there anyway to configure the delay between redeliveries of failed messages on an MQ Server? (We are currently using IBM WebSphere MQ v5.3 in our production environment)

Hi Dilip

I don't know what J2EE Server you are using but here is an exmaple for jBoss that should get you started.

Hope this Helps
[ May 26, 2005: Message edited by: Andrew Bowes ]

Attempting to use HttpUnit to submit a multipart form that includes both hidden text fields and a file input field.

When the request is sent to the server the text parameters are prefix with an escape character so that the "save" I entered into the action parameter is received as "\rsave".

Has anyone else experienced this? If so is there a work around/solution?

Thanks in advance
19 years ago