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Recent posts by vu lee

Never mind. Once I click on 'Purchase your discounted voucher', it shows a discounted price of $160
2 years ago
Hi, What is the cost before the discount?
Oracle shows  
$245 + $24.89 = $269.89
is it a discounted price?

2 years ago

I have a couple of questions about the code above.
1. Why line 4 gives compiler error, but line 3 does not. I notice a kind of similar between line 3 and line 4, see bold chars. Map<String, List<String> > map1 = new HashMap<String, List<String >>();
2. Map<String, List<String>> map1 = new HashMap<String, List<String>>(); How do I know List<String> is back by a an ArrayList, a LinkedList, or something else.


This is about whether read and sync are valid. If it is not valid, it is sort of a dirty read.
since going through a kernel to get file content is costly, avoid buffer would be expensive. Since level stream API uses buffer, we cannot make that assumption. That s why I think read and sync are valid option.
Does read option guarantee read the latest changes? Suppose it is reading in a middle of a file, and another thread make changes at the end of a file. Would read see these changes?

Should not just part of a file been lock?
I am not sure why would this option invalid since it looks legitimate to me.

new OpenOption[]{StandardOpenOption.READ, StandardOpenOption.SYNC}
This is an invalid combination.
Personally, I find this to be a good strategy since every question has a same weight, and next question is not related to current question. If a question is longer than a threshold, I don't even read it, just mark it and skip. Had I spent much time to read and solve long questions, I might not have enough time to solve short questions. Even if I do, I would be (1) under pressure and (2) uncertain whether subsequent questions would be long.
I don't like long questions as they are time consuming. As for time management, would it be better to mark and skip long questions? Thanks
Hello Giovanni,
How has Oracle assisted you with your old certification? Gotten my java certification back in April 2002.I also want to take the upgrade exam.
I have a question. The answer mentioned c2 is an int. Refer to the third method signature of reduce() method on page 193, shouldn't c2 is a string?

A manmal has a backbone, a big-cat is a-a mammal, and an ocelot is-a big-cat. What can we day about ocelots and backbones?
Answer: An ocelot has-a backbone

Doubt: Woudn't this depend on a access modifier of backbone in mammal? If it is a private access modifier, ocelot does not have a backbone.
Hi. I would like my grid view to display previous/next images in a same album by swiping up/down. And I would like to display previous/next album by swiping left/right.

1. Are there any existing Android library that supports swiping gridview on both vertical and horizontal directions?
2. How would I go about to achieve these swiping gesture?

3 years ago
That what I thought. Initially, I set large = null, just before the while loop. After running a few tests, I realized that this statement made no difference.
3 years ago