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Recent posts by Karthikeyan Balasubramanian

Thanks a lot friends...
If you have any queries on SCWCD Exam,feel free to post it to me..
Hi Friends..
Atlast i completed the SCWCD Exam scoring 86%.
I can say that, 80% of My Success goes to Kathy,Bert and Bryan.

Thanks!!Thanks!!Thanks!!Kathy,Bert and Bryan.

History of My SCWCD:

I completed my SCJP scoring 93% on 6th DEC 2004.(Note:K&B WAS THERE WITH ME).
And i bought the Head FiRST SCWCD By MARCH 2006.
From that time i was preparing then and there reading each and every page.
That time i was working on JSP and Servlet technology.
So,i used to experiment the concepts,that time.
I managed to complete 7 chapters.Yes to upto JSP.
Thats the milestone for me.
Then i moved to another concern where i am working on Struts,Hibernate,Spring,Stxx,XSL,XML.

So,i cannot even see a little bit JSP and Servlet code in my Project.

That time during MAY 2006,i got the SCWCD Voucher from my Friend,whose expiry date is March 2007.
And then,i dont get time to even touch the book.
It reached JAN 2007..Just two months for expiry....So i once again had glance on the 14 chapters...once.
And registered with prometric on FEB 10TH 2007
And i took 1 week leave from FEB 5TH TO FEB 9TH...
It really helped me a lot...I was very confident on the concepts...
And on FEB 9TH i took the Final MOCK Exam in the book,in which i scored just 41 Questions Right.

But all the questions which wrongly answered are multiple choice..in which i might have left out 1 or 2 answers...

So,i got the confidence that i can score more than 80% in the real exam,where (How many anwsers needs to be selected is mentioned).
Atlast i scored 86%(answered 60 questions correctly out of 69 questions).

My Experience to Future Exam Takers

Read the Head First Book minimum Thrice....
Take Hints on What are the things covered in each chapter.
Try to concentrate more on Chapters 8,9,10,12,14.
Take the coffee cram exam at the end of each chapter.
And atlast a day before take the Final Mock Exam.
If YOU can score above 40 questions right...go Ahead..

Important Note:

In the real exam,try to see in the questions,is there a button called Exhibit.It means there is some code in that window,depends on the code you need to mark the answers).
I marked first 3 questions wrongly since i didnt notice tat button,During revision i noticed and marked it correctly).

Regarding Design Patterns:

I got around 6 to 8 questions in Design Patterns...Full of scenarios and assumptions...i scored only 66% in this chapter.

Hi Kathy,Bert,Bryan...i wish Design Patterns chapter needs to be improved in such a way to shoot out the questions in the exam.
hi..Hearty Congrats.
congrats ya..
great job.
16 years ago
Great Saurav Fantastic Score.
16 years ago
Great Job ya..
Hearty Congrats.
Head First Serverlet & JSP for J2EE1.4
By karthy sierra,bert bates and bryan basham.
Congrats Ya...
it's a great score and u did it...
17 years ago
17 years ago
Tats a great Score Sandhya..
Heartfelt Congrats....
17 years ago
hi....wait for one month from the day it was posted.
if u didn't get the kit after 30 days.
just requeue ur request once again in i7integral...

i got my SCJP lit only after 60 days.
17 years ago
Congrats Man..
Great Score
17 years ago
Hey..it sounds ur Grasping Power..
Great Work.
17 years ago