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Recent posts by Wilson Oak

hi, I have been joining a company for six months. The salary, company reputation and co-workers are nice. But one thing which makes me headaches is that the system is not fully documented. For instance, they don't have technical spec , ER diagram, functional requirement, nor user manual. what we have is just an out-of-dated data flow diagram.

The poor skilled manager believes that the diagrams are for high level only. if developers want to know the flow and detail, they should go read the code. The main problem is the code is 7-8 years ago and it is coded without any good design like OO or framework. Every time I am asked to fix bug, I have to spend 5-7 hrs to understand the flow, try to play around it and finally fix the bug which only spend me 10% of the time. Since the system is huge, there are so many part I don't know and it is hard for me to understand the system without document but reading the messy code. I am so stressed out as I spend at least 10 hrs everyday to try-and-fail the application flow in order to reproduce the problem.

Most of the team member knows that is a problem but they don't want to challenge the boss. I am think should I quit the job now and find a new one.

Anyone have similar situation? I would like to listen your story.
10 years ago
Hi all, I am gonna have an interview with a company working on stock trading system which only requires core java skill. However, the requirements list many server related stuff as follow:

Strong server-side Java (no UI)
Strong JUnit testing
Web service knowledge, HTTP / HTTPS
Performance tuning experience will be desirable
Continuous integration experience (e.g. Ant, Hudson)

Are they talking about socket programming? I have no idea because I am currently working on web app development by using J2EE (JSP, Servlet...). Could you guys give me some advices which I should focus for the preparation?

Many thanks!
10 years ago
Hi all, I get confused with wildcards in generic. Let's see the code

Well, I know why the two add statements of list1 are fails, because Object and Person may not be Driver so that they cannot be added into list1. However, I have no idea why 1-4 are failing. Can some one explain that?

10 years ago
Naman, thanks. It makes more sense right now.
11 years ago
Henry, thanks so much for explaining stuff.

Why do I do that? because I have been told during interview that developer should create a custom writeObject() and readObject() in order to make serialization more effectively. For example, let's say there is an object needed to be serialized thru the network, we should only serialize its useful value but not implementation value (i.e. hash code, index).

I am not sure what did that guy mean, and also I don't know the different between the way he mentioned and using transient.

What is the best practice to optimize serialization?
11 years ago
hi all, I have following code testing customized readObject and writeObject methods in serialize class.

The output is:
from Dog.writeObject: name=1 dogNum=100
from Dog.readObject: name=0 dogNum=0
from main: name=0 dogNum=20

Can anyone tell me why the Dog object d returned from readObject() has dogNum=0 instead of 100 as dogNum has been set to 100 before it was written to file.


11 years ago
I have been working as J2EE developer for more than 3 years. However, I do not think my company provides many opportunity to learn new technology as she is very conservative. After compared my classmates working as developer, I feel a little be behind and my 3 years exp seems gain me nothing. What is the best way to gain extra experience apart from work? I am thinking about working on OS project but I wonder if my next employer would consider that as a working experience.

Is anyone here are full-time employee and also working on OS project as well? Why do you guys spend time on that? Let's share your motivation.
11 years ago
Dear admin,

can you move this topic to job discussion?

12 years ago

I am a green(<2 yrs exp)Java programmer and get a new job recently working on Websphere Process Server only! Now I am thinking about changing a job because I dont have any basic J2EE skill (ex EJB, Hibernate or Spring). I know it is good to learn new stuff. But, I worry if I keep working on this project (~2 years), I wont be experienced on some frameworks but WPS and it will be hard to find a next job. Should I invest my time by working on this project? Are companies really using WPS so that my experience is valuable to them?

Could you guys give me some advices? Thanks!
12 years ago

Originally posted by Mark Herschberg:
My answer, btw....

How big are the lists? Where are they stored? Are they sorted or organized in any way? How frequently will this operation need to be done, just once or regularly? If more than once, how often will the lists change? What is the customer's/user's preference between time and space for trade-offs? How will the results be used?

I would then give an answer based on the responses to those questions.


haha.. this really shows how bad my interview skill is. As I get the question, I would make my own assumption. This is really bad to a developer. Mark, could you tell me how your answer change against your questions post here? for example, how do you do this task if the operation is executed regularly instead of one time?
13 years ago

Originally posted by Nikhil Sun:
Hey Wilson could you post the algorithm question that you were asked?I am sure a lot of ranchers would be interested in knowing this and discussing about it.


There are two lists of name. List A contains all Google's customer. List B contains Google's customer who get their refunds. The interviewer didn't say those list are sorted nor the name on the list is unique.

Now your task is to find a list of customer didn't get refunds. (Namely, you need to find a list with element [A]-[B]).

I was so nervous at that time and gave a stupid answer to them. After the interview, I figure it is so easy. Let's discuss the best solution here as I am not sure how my algorithm is.

PS: I have some other questions too.. Let's me post them all later.

[ June 10, 2008: Message edited by: Wilson Oak ]
[ June 10, 2008: Message edited by: Wilson Oak ]
13 years ago
I had an interview with Google before. [Comments about the company removed.] Can I post their algorithm question here and talk about that?

[Removed details about company as per our policy listed here. --MH]
[ June 10, 2008: Message edited by: Mark Herschberg ]
13 years ago

Would you mind to take any Java cert? It wont help a lot but you will learn much more than the one you learn from your school. Also, it's gonna give you lots of chance to interview.

Good Luck,
13 years ago
That works! I forget to a dot in the class path therefore it shows NoClassDefFoundError.

You are right, I depends on the IDE too much as I forget the most basic thing.

Thanks, Ken.
15 years ago